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Youtap Pocketed 2.5 Million Transactions through 100 Thousand Partners

Youtap Pocketed 2.5 Million Transactions through 100 Thousand Partners

Youtap Indonesia closed its first year in 2020 with positive achievements, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. So far, Youtap claims that more than 2.5 million transactions have taken place through more than 100 thousand partners from various groups.

“2020 is indeed a year that brings its own challenges because of the large changes in business operations and industrial conditions in all sectors. However, this situation also encourages the public to be more creative in adapting by utilizing technology,” said Youtap Indonesia CEO Herman Suharto.

Youtap Pocketed 2.5 Million Transactions through 100 Thousand Partners

Youtap noted the significant growth of MSMEs migrating to digital. According to internal company data, merchants belonging to the Youtap digital ecosystem increased 15 times in the second half, when compared to the first half.

In its journey, Youtap has established strategic partnerships with several parties such as LinkAja, Shopeepay, BRI, Cashback, and Kredivo, which includes the implementation of QRIS standardization.

“We are also proud that our solutions have won the trust of leading companies to develop their products and services. As we did with one of our partners, McDonald’s, where Youtap supports the system of ordering and payment services on drive-thru services using tablets from Youtap,” said Herman.

Conducting Research to Understand the Market

Throughout 2020 Youtap also carried out a number of researches to understand the market, including those related to the pandemic situation, such as the New Normal 100 days research (July – September 2020).

According to this research, MSME players who migrated to the digital system and adopted non-cash payments grew 5 times compared to the first PSBB period (March – June 2020). In addition, the company also identifies the profile of business actors which is divided into 4 personas, namely:

1. Daily warriors (who run businesses to survive and make ends meet) – 33 percent;

2. Stream Followers (aware of business risks but need the information to address them) – 38 percent;

Youtap Pocketed 2.5 Million Transactions through 100 Thousand Partners

3. Opportunity seekers (who already have a short-term plan and understand the risks involved in owning a business) 20 percent;

4. Tough Dreamer (already has a long-term business plan and has enough information to find the support needed) – 10 percent.

“Research is something we must do. Not only so that we can read the needs of the target market, but also because we see that the data we get can be a solution for business actors. Therefore, in the future, Youtap will continuously promote research. in order to provide appropriate solutions for business actors from the enterprise level to the micro-level,” said Herman.

Youtap is also Targeting Large Companies in 2021

Not even a year old in Indonesia, Youtap Indonesia’s digital business solution platform seeks to target a wider target market in 2021. Starting with three types of services, namely goods management, payment systems, and reporting, some of Youtap’s new features have been developed to make it easier for business players.

“After the official launch of the Youtap Trade Application in August, Youtap continues to innovate by providing non-cash payment options so that businesses can make transactions safely and easily through TTM (No Face-to-Face) transactions. Merchant QR codes can simply be sent to chat application buyers and buyers. can immediately make payments,” he explained.

Youtap Pocketed 2.5 Million Transactions through 100 Thousand Partners

Seeing the need to provide more detailed information in monitoring sales, Youtap also launched the ‘Portal Dagang Youtap’ to respond to this need and was followed by ‘Youtap Print’ which can answer the demands of the flexibility of business actors in conducting transactions anywhere.

“Currently, we are also testing several new services from Youtap. We are preparing this feature for launch in early 2021 and will be a very attractive feature for merchants, both MSMEs and enterprises,” said Herman.