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Trawlbens is Optimistic the Performance Boosts in 2021

Trawlbens is Optimistic the Performance Boosts in 2021

Trawlbens, a logistic startup from Indonesia is optimistic that the company’s performance growth will accelerate in 2021. The company is optimistic that the logistics sector will get better in 2021 and will be a golden year for TrawlBens.

“We hope that starting in January, Trallwlbems will be fully operational and spread its wings,” said Trawlbens Founder and CEO Beni Syarifudin in Jakarta in a written statement Monday (4/1/2021).

Trawlbens is Optimistic the Performance Boosts in 2021

He revealed that one of the businesses that remained in the midst of a pandemic was logistics as the use of e-commerce services and marketplaces increased by 69%. In addition, opening a logistics business now does not require a large capital. This is evidenced by the number of partners who have joined Trawlbens.

“Currently TrawlBens is in the process of signing a partnership with business partners. Last month, TrawlBens has also opened a training center office to train employees sent to business partners,” said Beni.

Complete Services that Attract Many Partners

According to Beni, one of the factors that attract people to partner is the Super Logistics App, the newest digital technology in the logistics world. In this application, there is a super complete service for sending or moving goods throughout Indonesia.

He explained that it has five type of partnerships, which are business, space, pool warehouse, motorbike courier, and car transporter-partners. According to him, TrawlBens’ business partners only need to prepare a place as an office and storage for goods and a fleet for delivering goods.

According to him, business partners are a very attractive partnership. The reason is that just by sitting back at home you can make a fantastic income. “By getting fantastic profits of more than 30 million rupiahs per month without the need to bother looking for customers. Customers will automatically come to your place,” said Beni.

Trawlbens is Optimistic the Performance Boosts in 2021

If you don’t have a vehicle, you can apply for a lease with a TrawlBens partner. Besides, it has employees and drivers. If you don’t have one, you can apply for employee search assistance by TrawlBens partners.

The partner will then be responsible for receiving and sending goods to customers in the local area. “Partners will receive TrawlBens application software, uniforms, interior design. Then branding for the fleet and supporting equipment such as scales, measuring tools, cutting tools and other tools. In addition, they will receive training,” he explained.

Beni explained that if you have a house garage or a roadside kiosk, you can become a space partner. TrawlBens will assist in getting customers. According to him, the space partner will later receive goods from TrawlBens motorbike courier partners. Then the incoming goods are actually weighed and measured, as well as packing the goods to be shipped.

Up to 50 Million Profit per Month for Pool Warehouse Partners

Meanwhile, the pool warehouse partner requires a minimum area of ​​1,000 m2 as a warehouse for storing consignments. The land will be used as a warehouse for shipping goods to become a pool warehouse partner. “You can get more than IDR 50 million per month,” said Beni.

He explained that the TrawlBens warehouse pool partner has the responsibility of receiving collective goods from partner space partners which will be sorted and sent out of town by car transporter partners.

Trawlbens is Optimistic the Performance Boosts in 2021

He revealed that TrawlBens helped advance the SME industry. According to him, SME industrial centers in the regions will find it difficult to grow if they sell goods in small quantities because the shipping costs will be expensive.

This is where the role of TrawlBens will support MSMEs with cheap shipping costs. For information, TrawlBens offers seven delivery services, namely Trawlpack, delivery of goods via land, sea and air.

Trawl Carrier, a car delivery service throughout Indonesia, then Trawl Heavy, a heavy equipment delivery service. Next is Trawl Truck, a truck rental service. Trawl Boat, boat rental services and Trawl Mover, moving services throughout Indonesia. Apart from that, Trawl Exim, an export-import service.