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Traveloka, Loket, Tiket.com Strategy to Push Transactions in New Normal

Traveloka, Loket, Tiket.com Strategy to Push Transactions in New Normal

Airlines have been allowed to carry passengers. Some malls and hotels have also begun to move back in the middle of the corona pandemic. Ticketing startups such as Traveloka, Loket, and Tiket.com are also implementing strategies to welcome new normal.

VP Commercial of Loket, Ario Adimas, said the event and entertainment industry was one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, because the scope varies from entertainment attractions, concert activities to films, this industry is considered to have a great opportunity to encourage economic recovery.

Traveloka, Loket, Tiket.com Strategy to Push Transactions in New Normal

To achieve this, he realized that implementing health protocols was important. Therefore, startups under the auspices of Gojek compiled four solutions in providing services during the new normal period.

“With technological innovation, it is hoped that it can increasingly provide convenience and comfort for public places and communities to move in the face of a new order,” Dimas was quoted as saying in a press release on Thursday (6/18).

Loket Prepares 3 Main Solutions to Deal with New Normal

The first solution, the Instant Registration & Capacity Management feature. This multifunctional registration system is claimed to be able to record visitor data in seconds accurately. Second, the management of crowd capacity controllers.

Every visitor who comes must show the barcode obtained during registration. This unique barcode is for one-time use and is equipped with terms and conditions that must be obeyed by consumers when coming to public places.

Third, the mass capacity tracking feature, which allows real-time validation to monitor visitors. That way, the organizer can monitor the number of people who are in one place at a time.

Finally, the service to adjust the location closure during emergencies, analysis of the time and place of the incident. Loket utilize the visitor database so that each public place can provide emergency alerts in the form of notifications.

Traveloka, Loket, Tiket.com Strategy to Push Transactions in New Normal

Traveloka and Tickets also Prepare for New Normal

Whereas Traveloka collaborates with startups of the health service provider Prodia, Smart Clinic, and Biotest to provide Covid-19 test services in 44 Indonesian cities. As is known, prospective passengers must show a corona virus-free letter when they want to travel by plane.

The Covid-19 test service includes the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test and Rapid Test. This service can be accessed through Traveloka Xperience, in the Travel Complement products category.

“Through collaboration with a variety of trusted partners, Traveloka presents Covid-19 test testing services with a variety of price options,” said Head of Marketing, Transport Traveloka Andhini Putri.

Travel service provider startups (Online Travel Agents / OTAs) and ticketing have been hit hard by the corona pandemic. Tiket.com is also preparing a strategy to increase transactions again when entering a new normal phase.

The startup started a standardization program for the health and hygiene protocol, ‘Tiket Clean’. Tiket.com has hooked 4 thousand hotel partners, all of them domestic, to implement this program.

Traveloka, Loket, Tiket.com Strategy to Push Transactions in New Normal

Tiket Clean has been Applied to 80% of Its Partners

About 80% of them have even started implementing Tiket Clean. “Certainly it will continue to grow (from the current 4 thousand partners,” said Tiket.com Marketing Officer Gaery Undarsa during a virtual press conference on Wednesday (6/17).

The program was conducted so that consumers feel safe from the risk of contracting the coronavirus. The standardization consists of checking the temperature of employees and users, room cleanliness and public facilities, and ensuring the availability of disinfectants in the hotel environment.

Partners who meet these standards will get a label visible on the application. That way, consumers can find out which hotels have implemented Tiket Clean. Tiket.com claimed to have distributed 12 thousand health packages containing masks, hand sanitizers, and tissues to customers who made the first reservation at their hotel partners.

The company also offers discounts of up to 30% on hotel bookings with the Clean Ticket logo in Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung. VP of Accommodation Tiket.com Cisyelya Bunyamin said the offer is valid for bookings from 22 June to 5 July, with a stay period of 12-31 July.