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Tokobay Presents Social Marketplace Service for Culinary Businesses

Tokobay Presents Social Marketplace Service for Culinary Businesses

Recently, a food delivery service provider platform has been criticized by several merchants and their users. This is because the standard commission scheme applied to business partners is considered less affordable.

The high price set for the delivery menu then sparked the opinions of dissatisfied users. This has become a strange discussion on social media.

Starting from an anxiety about the significant difference in menu prices in restaurants on food-delivery applications, Fenny Herianto saw a gap that could be exploited as a business opportunity.

In March 2022, he started a new initiative called Tokobay, a startup providing social marketplace platforms in the culinary field. For merchants who want to market their products on the Tokobay platform, there are currently no fees charged.

Meanwhile, as an official merchant, an administration fee of 2% will be charged, of course with more qualified features. The company also claims that the price is set much lower than similar platforms.

In addition to offering lower admin fees, Tokobay also facilitates the promotion of merchants through social media campaigns, blog publications, and videos.

Features Provided by Tokobay

Various features are presented to be used optimally by merchants, including reviews which allow customers to rate their experience buying the product.

To date, there are hundreds of merchants registered with Tokobay, including several brands such as Eventki, Ayam Geprek Goldchick, Bistogram, Foodpedia, and Sop Ikan Batam.

For the delivery itself, Tokobay has collaborated with 3 logistics service providers, including Borzo, Lalamove, and Grab Shipping. This service has covered the entire Jabodetabek area with plans to expand to other areas in the near future

There are several payment options available on the platform. Tokobay itself also operates its own digital wallet called Bay Wallet. All users of the Tokobay application can directly use or operate Bay Wallet themselves.

We hope that the presence of Tokobay can actively help the development of merchants in the era of the digital economy as it is today. Of course, including those from the MSMEs to be able to develop their business. said Fenny.

Fenny also revealed that her party also hopes that the presence of Tokobay can help customers get the same prices as in restaurants from their respective homes. When asked about funding, her team revealed that so far Tokobay has received undisclosed details.

Food Delivery Service

The pandemic has become an attractive momentum for MSME players in the Indonesian F&B sector as well as startups and technology companies as enablers and supporters of this sector.

Not only that, this condition has also prompted an increase in the public’s need for digital services, including online food delivery services.

The Food Delivery Platforms in Southeast Asia report published by MomentumWorks earlier this year revealed that the industry’s total GMV value in Southeast Asia has reached $15.5 billion, a 30% increase from a high of $11.9 billion in 2020.

This growth highlights the fact that Southeast Asians are increasingly relying on food delivery services in their daily lives.

In an official statement regarding the report, Jianggan Li, Founder & CEO of Momentum Works, said, Food delivery is an attractive market especially with the stagnant e-commerce sector.

As players expand into more cities and new services, and the restaurant industry becomes more digitally active, the company anticipates continued food delivery growth through 2022.

In Indonesia itself, the tight competition for food delivery applications is not only limited to the Grab Food and GoFood duopoly. Several big players who have also expanded into this field, such as TravelokaEats, ShopeeFood, and even AirAsia, with the airline’s core business, are currently also offering similar services with their superapp ambitions.