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The Latest Review of Apple iPad Mini 2019


Apple iPad Mini 2019 has finally come to update the previous iPad Mini 4 which was released nearly four years ago. Luckily, the wait is paid with an impressive upgrade from this iPad Mini 2019. But, we cannot deny that the design of this newest mini tablet is a bit too classic.

The upgraded iPad mini offers a quick, A12 Bionic processor and has the Apple Pencil support. It means that you can use this small table to take notes and create some sketches more easily. Besides, it also gets a more vibrant touch and colorful screen.

Another thing that you can expect from this newest iPad Mini is its better camera. You can also anticipate its augmented reality apps. Overall, this is a great mini tablet that is worth to consider. If you’re not convinced yet, check out our detail review below.

What to Know about Apple iPad Mini 2019

The updated iPad Mini is priced at $399 for its 64GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi only version. For the one with 256GB storage, you need to prepare for $549 to bring it home. If you want to have the cellular version, it costs $529. And here are the other points to know.

  • Design Review

Different from Apple’s newest smartphones which have a bezel-less design, the new iPad Mini has that large, white border which surrounds its 7.9” display. If you take a look at the previous designs of iPad Mini, this new device definitely has such a similar appearance in many cases.

  • Display Review

How about the display? The good news is that you’ll find such a gorgeous screen display on this Apple iPad Mini 2019. It is equipped by Retina Display which is colorful, sharp, and bright. Use it to stream your favorite movie and you’ll see how amazing the image is.

  • Performance Review

Thanks to the A12 Bionic chip, it’s safe to say that iPad Mini 2019 is the quickest small tablet you can find on the market. You can run a few apps at once without too much trouble. You can also play your favorite game easily here.

Why You Should Purchase iPad Mini 2019

As you can see from the review above, this mini tablet is worth buying. However, if you’re still not sure about buying this iPad Mini, we will tell you further. One of the best reasons is to enjoy the vast ecosystem of tablet apps in the App Store.

For the camera, it has an 8MP camera which can get you high-quality photos. Even though it’s not the highlight of any tablet specification, there can be a moment when you may need to snap a photo with your tablet. The battery life is quite strong as well since it can last for 10 hours.

In conclusion, iPad Mini 2019 is such a great mini tablet that you can find on today’s market. It features everything you need from a tablet with a smaller design. It has great performance and supports Apple Pencil. Overall, this Apple iPad Mini 2019 is worth to buy.