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Amazfit Bip Review, Affordable Smartwatch that’s Worth Buying


Now that you’re landing on this page, you must be interested to know the Amazfit Bip review. Known as an affordable smartwatch, Amazfit Bip is surprisingly great for a smart device which is under $80. It offers feature-rich fitness tracker and become the best low-priced smartwatch on the market.

One of the things that we like from this smartwatch is that it doesn’t pretend to have typical health-related functionality provided by the popular Fitbit Versa or Apple Watch. It is a kind of product which has a great value of money without marketing disguise.

But, if you look at the product at first glance, you may realize that this smartwatch has an Apple Watch-inspired design. It has a simple yet attractive design for the price and satisfaction to wear. If you’re interested to buy this smartwatch, read this Amazfit Bip review first.

What to Know about Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

Let’s start with the design. It has a soft silicone band which can fit both petite and beefy wrists perfectly. The case is also lightweight; making this device seems like a toy. But, thanks to the thick, black bezel surrounded its display; it doesn’t really look like one.

You shouldn’t overlook its lightweight body actually. This is basically a polycarbonate, matte-plastic build which surrounds 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass touch screen display. More interestingly, this watch also has an IP68 water and dust rating. It means that the watch is protected from dust and can be used underwater.

Moreover, this Amazfit Bip is running on its proprietary operating system in relation to the Mi Fit companion app for Android and iOS. But, different from the Apple Watch or Fitbit Versa, this watch doesn’t have an app store and can work with a few third-party apps only.

When we are talking about Amazfit Bip review, we shouldn’t forget to mention that this smartwatch’s interface is very simple. You can easily use this smartwatch without any difficulty. You just need to click the crown to unlock and swipe up to access your messages, calls, and emails.

Why You Should Buy This Affordable Amazfit Bip

Then, what makes this smart device worth to buy? One of the good reasons is because it has an extremely lightweight body and has that elegant Apply Watch style. Then, it also features GPS, pedometer, heart rate monitor, and notifications that you can benefit without too much difficulty.

Besides, it is also a decent fitness tracker which you can buy at a reasonable price. It has transflective color display as well which makes it easy on the eyes and doesn’t use up the battery. However, this smartwatch also comes with some cons like it doesn’t provide precise heart rate and step measurements sometimes.

All in all, the Amazfit Bip is a great smartwatch that you can have without breaking the bank. It is very simple to operate and has a great design too. When it comes to battery life, it is able to last for about 45 days under regular use. Finally, hope this Amazfit Bip review helpful.