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The Hidden Features on Android Gadget You Should Know

The Hidden Features on Android Gadget You Should Know

Have you ever checked the hidden features on Android Gadget before? It is, especially on your smartphone. You know that smartphone is now the most common gadget which is used by people. This device has various interesting and beneficial devices for your life.

Every smartphone may have its own feature. They can be different between one and another. There some reasons for it. One of them is the different operating system which is used by the smartphone. You must know which one is the most popular.

Yes, you are right. It is an android. Nowadays, there are a lot of versions of Android which are used in the smartphone. They come with high technology which attracts so many people. It is not a problem even if that gadget is quite expensive.

Back to the topic, these latest technologies bring tons of features in a smartphone. Those are like the video call, online chat, smart assistance, and many more again. However, you must know that there are several hidden features that not many people know.

The Hidden Features on Android Gadget 

Although having a different version of Android used, mostly these smartphones have the same way to set something. One of the greatest things about Android is how intuitive that system is. That is why; this device becomes a popular trend until now.

Most of its important features are easily accessed. Besides that, you can identify it so clearly. The example is for its screen brightness. When you bought an android device, a guide book will be also given. It describes everything about that smartphone.

However, you must know that some features are not listed or described clearly. Maybe, there are several cool features that you miss or don’t know. That is why; you must read about some hidden features on Android smartphones from the explanation below. 

1. Quick Setting Shortcut

Quick setting buttons offer a convenient way to customize certain Android features. These icons are located at the top part of a phone. It is when you pull down the notification shade. They’re more than just toggling. Tap and hold on certain icons to explore them.

It will direct you to a setting page. It is a quick way to access a setting when you want to do more than just turn it on or off. You can go to certain pages just by tapping and holding the icons. It is so easy.

2. Switch Quickly between Two New Applications

This feature has been around since Android Nougat. However, it’s one that’s easy to forget by the users. That is why; if your smartphone is supported by this system, it is a great idea to try this hidden feature. You just need to do the simple steps. 

Double tapping the recent apps button will return you to the previous app. It means that you can quickly switch between the two most recent apps without opening a special menu. It is a time saver because you can do it only in one click.

3. Hide the Lock Screen Notification

Lock screen notifications are great for giving new messages a glimpse, but they sometimes contain sensitive material. When you are around other people, it is better to keep these notifications secret. It can protect your privacy really well.

In your phone’s “notification” settings menu (“lock screen and security” or something similar) you’ll find an option to turn off these notifications altogether. This “show but hide content” option can allow notifications and it will still keep the content private until it is unlocked.

4. Recording a Video

Apart from taking photos, users can also take videos without changing photo mode to video mode. Users simply hold the “photo” button longer until it changes automatically to video mode. It is a time-saver feature which is available in some android devices.

This feature will be beneficial if you need to record a video quickly. Usually, this feature is available for some new Android devices in the market. The example is the Galaxy S20 and more. Make sure you try it to know a device supports it or not. 

5. Bixby Feature

Furthermore, there is the Bixby feature. This feature is a technology on the Galaxy S20 series that you can optimize its use for many things more than just a personal assistant. During this WFH period, Bixby can help you to make smartphone settings easily. 

For example with the Bixby Routine feature, you can easily set vibrate or normal ring mode on the Galaxy S20. It is in accordance with their daily routine, such as at work, activities in the morning, and activities at night, and so on.

6. Google Assistance

The next hidden feature to try is Google Assistance. It is so easy to activate this feature. Touch and also hold the home button for several seconds. You can also say “Ok Google”. If the Google Assistant is off, you will be asked to turn it on.

On some devices, you can also say “Hi Google.” Ask a question or give a command after that. Besides that, this Google Assistance can also do more. It can even sing, tell a story, and more. You can comfortably use it at any time. 

It is Not for All Versions

The hidden features are so interesting to try. Besides that, those are also really beneficial and can save you time more. However, you must know that not all hidden features are suitable for the whole Android gadgets. You must know the terms and conditions.

Several features can be just used in an Android Nougat, Pie, or other types of Android. It is so important to read about the review first. You can get enough information about the specification and also the requirements to activate those features. 

For your information, there are also some harmful features which are available. Those are like the secret codes which are not announced by a gadget company. These codes are a combination of several symbols and numbers to do certain commands.

The example is that it can help you to erase all data, boot the system, and more. It can be harmful and dangerous for your device. That is why; it is better to only use the safely hidden features on Android gadget all the time.

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