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The Best Free and Paid GPS Applications for Travelling


GPS applications are very much needed, especially when traveling in a place where someone is not very familiar with the places to be visited. Currently, users can download the best GPS application and use it as needed. 

In fact, many of these applications are found free of charge and very user friendly. But some of them need a subscription. So, read and choose carefully which one is the most suitable for you according to your needs.

The Most User-Friendly and Easy to Use GPS 

MAPS.ME – The best GPS tracker application

The first application that can be used is Maps.Me. This GPS application makes it easy for its users to find out the best route to an unknown place. The maps provided are clear enough to pay attention to, of course, quite helpful when used in urgent conditions.

This application can be accessed without using an internet quota where users can access it even when offline. This application is completely free and there are various features that can be used, such as selecting the vehicle that is being used to provide the most accurate and fast route.

MapFactor Navigator – GPS Navigation Maps

The next best GPS tracker application that can be used is Map Factor. This application allows users to download the map material into the cellphone memory so that once installed the map can be used even offline.

This GPS is quite popular to use even though it doesn’t look as detailed as Google Maps. Even so, this application also provides an introduction to road routes via voice so that users who are driving do not have to bother looking at the routes provided.

Sygic GPS Navigation and Offline Maps

This best GPS coordinate application is also intended for offline navigation which under any circumstances someone still has access to. So they won’t get lost. Even so, this application also provides coherent voice instructions so it is easier to understand for everyone. 

This application is purely downloaded for free and can be used to the heart’s content. However, a premium package is available and you are required to pay when the user wants more features from this application. It looks quite detailed and attractive with complete names for each location.

The Best GPS Applications for Tracking

TOPO GPS BackCountry Navigator

For those who like adventure or hiking, TOGO GPS will help you to get the right direction. This application is also available offline. So, the operation can be done without the need for the internet. 

One application that is worth a try when you want to go home and look for an alternative way to return to your hometown. This GPS is very recommended for you who love to travel out of town.

Idtrack – GPS server

This mobile application was developed by the studio for tracking the work of the nation’s children. Idtrack specializes in servers so that it can provide excellent online GPS services. They also have so many excellent features. 

They provide real-time GPS data with data intervals that can be received in 5-10 seconds. Then the integration of API maps that are connected to Google Maps and Live Traffic. Complementary features such as checking trip history, location markers and directions are available.

This application can be downloaded and is free for one month. If you want to continue, you can subscribe with available rates and packages starting from IDR 10,000 per 3 months. With that price, it is worth buying.

Polaris GPS Navigation – Hiking, Marine, Offroad

This one application consists of many maps that are integrated into one application. So that when users download this one application, other applications will be displayed. The rating is quite good and is widely used by map users in general.

List of Recommended Popular GPS for Android

Google Maps – Navigate and Explore

The best GPS applications for Android does not need to be doubted. Apart from being made by the search engine giant, apk is guaranteed to be faster and easier and maps more than 220 countries.

In addition to real-time navigation directions, Google Maps also provides information about traffic, transit info and interesting places for culinary delights and so on. This application is the most famous GPS of all years, no one having doubt about it.


In fact, the GPSKU application is a series of business software used to monitor vehicle movements. This application is also made by the nation’s children who are devoted to tracking corporate. Even so, if you have more than one vehicle, you can still use this application.

They will monitor and track your favorite vehicle. Some of the excellent features offered also vary. Starting from navigation, the latest maps with street view, playback of travel history for up to 100 days, navigation to geofencing.

This geofence feature is quite unique because it can set the space limit. For example, the car has been set only to go around Jakarta, but if the car is going out of town, there will be an alarm notification as a notification to the car owner.

The Best GPS for City Traveling

HERE WeGo – City Navigation

It looks similar to Google Maps both from the detail and nuance in it. However, this application focuses more on detailed and complete information about cities and also the traffic of an area. This map can be used to locate places in any part of the world. 

Users only need to use this one map without having to download other maps while visiting other countries. This application can be accessed offline so it doesn’t require a good connection. Even when the user is experiencing signal interference this app will save you from getting lost.

Waze – Best GPS App

This application is quite interesting and unique. The information obtained in this application is not only a travel route. But the fastest route that can be taken for an emergency trip. As well as the information about road damage and whether or not traffic is going on.


The Orin application can be used as a link with more than 20 types of GPS devices installed in your favorite car. The owner of this application can monitor movement in real-time at the same time.

The management tools feature is also embedded to analyze data which makes it easy to read for reports and analysis by users. Orin has also been integrated with Google, where users can use a number of Google Maps mainstay features such as street view, traffic conditions to directions.

More applications are coming to make travel easier. Each of the best GPS apps on this list also offers you different options and enhancements to features and services. By knowing the various features available, at least you can know which GPS applications are suitable for your needs.