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Gredu Application is Used by more than 300 Schools

Gredu Application is Used by more than 300 Schools

The Gredu edtech application supports online education when the government implements distance learning, to limit the spread of Covid-19. The platform, which was launched in early 2020, has now reached 369 schools during a pandemic. Even though in 2019, there are only dozens of schools that have collaborated with Gredu.

“There is a growth of more than 60 percent. Our target for 2021 is to expand to 200 schools, so every year our growth will be doubling,” said Gredu Sales Lead Theresia Andina in a discussion about Gredu, Friday (8/1/2021).

Gredu Application is Used by more than 300 Schools

Theresia said Gredu wants to reach at least 70 thousand more users. One way is to expand into new areas in the country. The new areas to be targeted at Gredu in 2021 include Pangandaran, Cirebon (West Java), Southeast Sulawesi, Yogyakarta, and others.

Theresia sees that the opportunity to advance Gredu is still very wide. This is because the number of schools in Indonesia from various levels has reached more than 120 thousand schools. Whether during a pandemic or not, Gredu said it could still be used and supported learning in schools.

Raise Donations to Provide Smartphones for Students

Gredu itself is here to build a better Indonesian education with the support of digital applications for schools. During the pandemic, school digitization was considered to have helped the learning process to be more effective, transparent, and measurable.

For users; students, teachers, and parents to be more comfortable, Gredu said that he would continue to update the application to support online learning.

“2020 is a tough year for the world of education because they have to migrate to the online system. For schools that have collaborated with Gredu, sudden migration is not an obstacle because we are preparing a school management system, KBM, to school administration,” said CEO Gredu Rizki Anies. . He said, the updates brought by Gredu were present on two sides, namely features and services.

Gredu Application is Used by more than 300 Schools

In order to overcome the obstacles that occurred during the PTS, he emphasized, Gredu had raised cellphone donations for students who could not afford it. Together with Kitabisa.com and Kumparan Derma, Gredu held the #UnitGawaiDarurat campaign to improve their ability to run online learning applications.

In addition, Gredu also establishes a post regularly to solve problems experienced by users, to help provide printed materials for schools where the majority of students do not have devices.

On Wednesday (2/12/2020), Gredu again tested his educational platform during the implementation of the Final Semester Assessment (PAS). In the first two days, the number of students working on PAS through the Gredu platform recorded a significant increase compared to the Mid-Semester Assessment (PTS).

Various Gredu Features and Updates

The update or update of the GREDU application includes two sides, namely features and services. GREDU added a series of features such as a question bank, remedial, resubmissions, interactive classes equipped with indicators for student understanding, and report cards that include a recapitulation of grades, extracurricular information, and column descriptions and comments.

Gredu Application is Used by more than 300 Schools

Meanwhile, on the service side, GREDU is updating the training system, procuring a GREDU Help Post, releasing an FAQ page and providing customer support, making video tutorials that can be accessed through the GREDU Youtube channel, and regularly conducting webinars and surveys related to educational issues.

The application update made by GREDU is an effort to support all teaching and learning activities online. With these improvements, since June 2020 GREDU has actually experienced an increase in the number of users. In November-December, GREDU achieved a success rate of 84% regarding the implementation of the Final Semester Assessment (PAS) using the GREDU platform.

To support application updates and business expansion, GREDU also plans to apply for series A funding in mid-2021. Entering the even semester of the 2020/2021 Academic Year, GREDU remains focused on prioritizing school digitization so that distance learning can be carried out in one place.