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Pintek Collaborates with Gredu Startup to Extend Loans to Schools

Pintek Collaborates with Gredu Startup to Extend Loans to Schools

During the coronavirus pandemic or Covid-19, a financial technology company (fintech lending) specialized in education Pintek noted an increase in demand for loans mainly from educational institutions. Pintek hooks up Gredu’s educational technology startup (edutech) to expand loan access.

From the beginning of the year until now, loans have increased 10 times compared to last year. VP of Commercial Pintek Patricia Sanjoto said, the most loan requests came from educational institutions (institution loans) that needed capital during the pandemic.

Pintek Collaborates with Gredu Startup to Extend Loans to Schools

“Many educational institutions know about Pintek and there is still a need for school or campus development,” he said in a video conference on Monday (6/7). Especially in new normal times, educational institutions not only require operational requirements as usual, but also require online learning infrastructure.

“In the third quarter, where schools need to prepare for the new school year, Pintek can provide financial support for schools,” Patricia said.

Gredu is Pintek’s Preferred Partner

Pintek attracts Gredu educational technology startup (edutech) which has six platforms, namely Gredu School Management System, Gredu Student, Gredu Teacher, Gredu Parent, and New Student Admissions (PPDB) Online.

Services from Gredu can be used by schools to build digitization management systems. In the new normal times, schools need management services for online learning. Schools can then use services from Gredu through loans or installments from the Pintek platform.

“Now in the pandemic period it takes a good digitalization so that learning can be maximized,” said Amiga Fersya, Gredu’ Business Development Manager.

Pintek Collaborates with Gredu Startup to Extend Loans to Schools

School Digitalization is the Target of Education 4.0

In this collaboration, Pintek and Gredu support the new normal as well as the learning of the academic year 2020/2021 by educating educational institutions regarding the implementation of technology in the school environment as a form of long-term investment.

School digitalization is an implementation of new learning, which is prepared to face the industrial revolution 4.0. New learning characteristics are student-centered, use multimedia, prioritize collaborative work, exchange information, and encourage critical thinking and problem-solving.

Government policies to impose Distance Learning (PJJ) encourage schools to implement technology to create education 4.0.

The presence of Gredu is expected to be able to answer problems so far including inadequate teacher competence, lack of school readiness in technology implementation, and no cost for implementing the technology.

Together with Gredu, Pintek provides funding access to educational institutions through technology platforms. This cooperation is expected to make it easier for schools to coordinate areas of the school environment. Gredu Development Manager, Amiga Fersya, wants to educate educational institutions for technology implementation.

The Gredu system is in line with the 2013 curriculum and can be adjusted to the needs of educational institutions. “Entering the new school year, we have also developed features of Interactive Classes and Online Assignments that support the continuation of distance learning,” he said.

Previously, Pintek Has Collaborated with Cakap

Patricia said, public awareness needs to be increased to not only have the ability to use technological devices, but also to understand communication using technology with an understanding of English. For this reason, Pintek collaborates with the Cakap platform to provide services for its users.

He continued, to meet the challenges of the world of work, through its products Cakap will develop innovations for the community in getting English education. Patrica said, later the community could get it through an online platform, Cakap Online Language Center.

“Cakap is one of Pintek’s partners in coursework or non-formal education. Through its collaboration, Pintek provides funding to learn languages ​​on the Capap platform with installment methods. Through this collaboration we hope to help the workforce in preparing the quality of human resources who are able to seize opportunities, “he said.