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The Best Camera Apps are the must for IOS and Android

The Best Camera Apps are the must for IOS and Android

If you love photography, some of these best camera apps are the must – thing to have this year. Increasingly messaging technological developments are allowing humans to develop more sophisticated cameras. It is even from a smartphone.

Just imagine, today’s smartphone cameras are almost able to rival the conventional ones. The great thing is that there are some applications that can improve the quality of captured photos directly from your IOS and Android gadgets.

The Best Camera Apps are the must for IOS and Android

Not only does it for capturing photos, but some of these apps also offer edit mode. With this mode, you can make several to suit your desires, from contrast to vintage effects. Below are two of the leaders in the sector.

VSCO Cam as the Best camera apps

The first option is called VSCO Cam. It is known as an application that so popular among street photo lovers. Besides, it is also user – friendly which means can be used for beginners or even professional comfortably.

This tool comes with a variety of presets that you can use to change the tone of your photos to match the desired results. In addition, there are several menus for editing photos, ranging from increasing exposure to inserting highlights and shadows.

Now, VSCO cam is used by a million of people worldwide. It is because this thing has so many features and also facilities to support photography needs. Below is a further explanation about this one of the best camera apps.

1. The History of VSCO Cam

Actually, that app is a release application from Visual Supply Co. It was created due to filter limitations and the absence of several things. Those are like the color settings, contrast, exposure, and others on Instagram that made developers create a smartphone application.

That will serve to edit your snaps before uploading them to Instagram. VSCO Cam is an app that is being hit in various countries in the world. With VSCO Cam users can edit their photos like a professional photographer with bright vintage colors or gloomy style.

2. The More Complete Features

Now, the editing features offered by VSCO are much more complete than before. The developer calls this video editing feature Montage. According to its literal meaning, users are welcome to combine multiple clips (or photos) into one whole visual product. 

This stack of videos and photos is organized with a layering system. In the same layer, users can embed more than one photo or video. It means that creating a video collage is also possible. The layers used are also unlimited.

The Best Camera Apps are the must for IOS and Android

3. The Unlimited Duration

The length ore duration is not limited. However, if the user wishes to upload the results to the VSCO platform itself, then the duration should not be more than two minutes. Going forward, this app promises to bring more tools to create using Montage.

However, if you want to use that montage service, there is a requirement that must be known. That service can be only used by those who join the membership program. It means that they must pay the cost.

Cymera, a Fun Camera Application

Sometimes maybe you want to use a different application for the camera. If that is the condition, the camera must be on your top list. This app is very popular among so many people because it combines the fun of playing Snapchat and Instagram.

Here, the photos you capture can be packed with all kinds of stickers, filters, and adorable masks. Moreover, this application is equipped with an acne removal tool so that the selfie results will always look flawless and better.

This app can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store for your Android users. The size of Cymera is also quite light. Based on the data, it is only for about 28 MB. Below are the positive things and review about this tool.

1. It has the own social media platform

Before using this camera application, users must make an account first. It is because Cymera has its own social media platform like Instagram. To add friends in this app, all you have to do is tap on the icon located in the top left corner.

After that, follow that step by tapping the Friends option. That option will automatically show a list of friends from Facebook and smartphone contacts who already have a Cymera account. Make sure to tell your friend to make it is more fun.

The Best Camera Apps are the must for IOS and Android

2. The Super Complete Features

Based on the review from several people, this application is rated as the one that has tons of features. Those are like the flash, tilt – shift, flip camera, and mode. Tilt – shift itself is a feature to create a more dramatic effect in a photo.

In addition to the five options, three important options are also available. Those are the Album, shutter button, and Lens. Uniquely, to zoom in or zoom out, users just have to slide the shutter button left (zoom out) and to the right (zoom in). 

3. The amazing ‘Lens’ feature

The lens is a feature that becomes the mainstay in Cymera. When the user tried it, there was Basic, Action 4, Super 4, Pop 4, Double, Fisheye, and Sprocket. To make it is easier for users, Cymera provides examples of photos that each of these lenses can produce.

After taking the new picture, you will enter into the editor function. There are five different options in the editor. Those are like the edit option itself, correct, effect, and beauty. The Auto effect is also available for people.

Which one is More Recommended?

In fact, it is really based on your liking and also needs. VSCO cam is available in two different types; the free and paid option. It is for sure that the paid or membership program will give you the more complete and better services.

Meanwhile, Cymera is totally free. A lot of people like to use it since it is compatible with many android gadgets and really fun as well. So, it also becomes one of the best camera apps for Android that someone could use right now.