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Telkomsel Plans to Invest in Gojek to Strengthen Digital Business

Telkomsel Plans to Invest in Gojek to Strengthen Digital Business

Telkomsel’s plan to invest in Gojek is considered a solution to accelerate the strengthening of the digital business which is now the focus of this subsidiary of PT Telkom. With the support of Gojek, which has a more solid customer database, Telkomsel will find it easier to optimize the strength of its infrastructure.

Piter Abdullah, Executive Director of Core Indonesia, believes that strengthening the digital business has become a necessity for telco companies such as Telkomsel. “Meanwhile, Gojek, which has a large and mature market ecosystem, can be a new source of revenue needed by Telkomsel,” Piter explained, Thursday (8/10/2020).

Telkomsel Plans to Invest in Gojek to Strengthen Digital Business

Piter added that the synergy with Gojek will encourage data traffic on Telkomsel to continue to increase. This is where Telkomsel’s ability to optimize market potential in Gojek will be the key to the success of this synergy.

In addition, Piter continued, as a subsidiary of BUMN, Telkomsel can also help accelerate the digitization of hundreds of thousands of MSMEs that have been depending on their business through the Gojek ecosystem.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted many changes in business behavior. Online transactions are increasing and Telkomsel can optimize this,” he said. Currently, Gojek is an on-demand application with the largest number of active users in Indonesia.

Gojek is the Most User-friendly Application

The data shows that 1 in 2 Indonesians have the Gojek application. In addition, the daily transaction volume at Gojek is also very large. With 177 million users, Gojek is home to 500,000 MSMEs and nearly 2 million driver-partners.

The Gojek business ecosystem has been rated one user experience as the most user-friendly application according to Delivery Apps in Time of Covid-19 Global Benchmark research. In addition, in terms of customer experience or customer experience, this start-up is in the second-best position.

The research result states that GoFood has encouraged safety and hygiene protocols in carrying out inter-food service functions in the midst of a pandemic situation.

Telkomsel Plans to Invest in Gojek to Strengthen Digital Business

GoFood Services from Gojek are Now Available in the Mitra Tani Banten Market

Gojek has just announced a collaboration with Mitra Tani Market in Banten. Through this collaboration, GoFood service users can purchase staple foodstuffs at the Mitra Tani Market location in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Banten Province Food Security Service. To access this service, consumers simply enter the Gojek application and select the GoFood feature.

After that, enter the keyword Mitra Tani Market and consumers can immediately choose the various types of food available. Gojek also offers free delivery fees for customers who shop a minimum of IDR 40 thousand. The free shipping cost is IDR 20 thousand.

“The use of digital technology today to help meet people’s food needs is important and non-negotiable,” said Head of the Bante Provincial Food Security Service, Aan Muawanah, in an official statement received on Thursday (8/10/2020).

Telkomsel Plans to Invest in Gojek to Strengthen Digital Business

“Both to turn the wheels of the local economy and support the growth of local MSMEs, as well as reducing the rate of spread of Covid-19.”

Meanwhile, for Gojek, this collaboration is a strategic step, especially during a pandemic. This is because this collaboration not only opens access for Mitra Tani Market partners, but also supports government programs to prevent the spread of Covid-19 through online shopping services.

This collaboration with Pasar Mitra Tani Banten is an extension of similar work with Mitra Tani Market in various parts of Indonesia which began in April 2020. Currently, there are already seven locations in Jabodetabek and Palembang that have carried out this collaboration.

“This collaboration has been carried out centrally between Gojek and the Ministry of Agriculture. It’s to help people in Banten Province to be able to access cheap groceries and free shipping is a very good measure to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus,” Head of Public Policy and Government Relations Gojek, Rully Rinaldi A said.