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Supporting Startup Growth, UI Opened a Co-Working Space

Supporting Startup Growth, UI Opened a Co-Working Space

University of Indonesia (UI) presented a communal workspace to encourage the growth of startups in the campus environment. This facility is located at the UI Library Building. The Chancellor of the University of Indonesia Prof. Dr. Ir Muhammad Anis., M.Met., conducted the inauguration recently.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedi Priadi, DEA as Deputy Chancellor for Human Resources and Cooperation; Prof. Sidharta Utama Ph.D., CFA as Deputy Chancellor for Finance and General Administration; and Dr. drg Nia A.I Noerhadi MDSC., Sp.Ort. (K)., as Director of Management and Development of Business Units (DPPU) also joined the event.

Supporting Startup Growth, UI Opened a Co-Working Space
Supporting Startup Growth, UI Opened a Co-Working Space

Nia Noerhadi said that the presence of the co-working space was one of UI’s efforts in providing workspace to support the business activities of fostered startups. Thus, UI’s fostered startups could survive. Meanwhile, the co-working itself is named UI Works.

“This is also a form of UI’s real contribution to fostering a creative economy. It is also to support the National Movement for 1000 Digital Startups program,” she said through a written statement. UI Works itself provides a variety of workspace options both for work alone and together.

UI Works Co-Working Space Offers Various Facilities

UI Works also comes with meeting rooms and small offices with a variety of facilities. Facilities offered by UI Works include desks, chairs, internet networks, sofas, and lockers. The University of Indonesia Library database is also available for non-UI visitors.

On the same occasion, the Chancellor of UI also signed an inscription of the Integrated Services Unit – Center for Information and Public Services. This is a form of bureaucratic reform at the university in integrating all services provided under one roof to UI stakeholders.

Supporting Startup Growth, UI Opened a Co-Working Space
Supporting Startup Growth, UI Opened a Co-Working Space

Besides, the Chancellor also inaugurated Kantin Prima. This is a facility provided for the Administration Office employees at University of Indonesia. The inauguration of these several facilities is expected to provide improved services for all stakeholders in the University of Indonesia.

Previously, the University of Indonesia also held the UI Works Accelerator program. It is a guidance program for startups and space for them to be introduced to potential investors. Nia who became the initiator of this program explained that the program aims to generate a startup ecosystem.

A startup ecosystem created by UI Works Accelerator program is supposed to accommodate the development of today’s entrepreneurs. “Startups typically find it hard to gain capital since investors still think that the business’ outcome is not yet visible,” Nia said.

UI Has Done Various Programs to Support the Growth of Startup Industry

Recently, students from the University of Indonesia have collaborated with PT Juragan Kapal Indonesia. This startup engaged in shipping production and is running its business under the supervision of the Ministry of Research and Technology in collaboration with the Department of Shipping Engineering UI.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering UI, Hendri Dwi Saptioratni said that his faculty is committed to increasing its contribution to the community. Following the theme of the 55th FTUI Anniversary, ‘Grounding Engineering for Indonesia’, it helps increase awareness of the importance of the engineering profession.

Supporting Startup Growth, UI Opened a Co-Working Space
Supporting Startup Growth, UI Opened a Co-Working Space

“Engineer is every person who has a profession in various fields of engineering. His job is to engineer solutions to the various problems faced, using scientific and technological approaches,” Hendri said. For this reason, education in UI is carried out properly.

He said that education was carried out with the latest learning methods that promote research to create good and adaptive solutions for the nation’s problems. This innovation was brought to the community through a product exhibition or even the emergence of startups.

The University of Indonesia has done various approaches to support the growth of startups and the creative economy. Besides the brand new co-working space, UI has done other programs to help the government reach its goal of increasing the number of startups in Indonesia.