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Support Local, Social Bella Startup Launches Love Local Campaign

Support Local, Social Bella Startup Launches Love Local Campaign

To support the sustainability of the local brand business during the second wave of the pandemic and to coincide with the Indonesian independence day, the beauty-tech startup Social Bella launched a support program in its beauty ecosystem through the “Love Local” campaign.

Through this initiative, Social Bella will provide more space for more than 50 local brands to be able to promote for free in all online marketing channels in the Social Bella beauty ecosystem.

The support provided in the campaign, which runs from July 30 to August 29, 2021, includes spotlights on the placement of local brand products on the Sociolla homepage, both the SOCO website and application as well as newsletters to customers.

There are also advertisements in the media utilizing the SOCO Beauty Network and influencer networks; to in-depth reviews of local brand products in beauty articles through Beauty Journal.

In addition, there is also an online beauty media part of Sociolla which has now reached more than 5 million monthly traffic averages.

Chrisanti Indiana, Co-founder & CMO of Social Bella said that in the last three years, the company has seen local beauty brands grow quite progressively and are increasingly favored by beauty enthusiasts in Indonesia.

“A variety of product innovations that match the character of Indonesian beauty lovers and a competitive price range are the driving factors that further strengthen the existence of local beauty brands in the country,” she said.

In the last three years, Social Bella noted that the growth of local brands in its beauty ecosystem has increased by 14 times.

This data is also driven by the increasing public interest in fast innovation and the quality of local products that are no less competitive with foreign beauty brand products.

Supporting Local Brands to Continue to Adapt

During this positive growth rate, it is undeniable that local brands must adapt to various challenges due to the pandemic, especially since the second wave of the pandemic hit.

“The Love Local campaign is a form of Social Bella’s commitment and support for local Indonesian brands, as well as an invitation to beauty enthusiasts to jointly provide support for local brands,” said Chrisanti.

The growth of the beauty industry, including cosmetics, continues to grow even during a pandemic.

On the other hand, during the first semester of 2021, for example, Social Bella noted that there was an increase in customer interest in local brands by up to 60%, which included not only cosmetic products, but also a range of personal care or skincare products.

This increase in semester 1 even exceeded sales throughout 2020. Social Bella also noted five local beauty brands that are the target of beauty enthusiasts, including Avoskin, Scarlett Whitening, Dear Me Beauty, Esqa and Make Over.

Local Brands are Expected to Reach a Wider Range of Customers

The various visibility accesses and the space provided in support for local brands through the Love Local campaign are expected to be the support that can help brands reach customers more broadly.

“Meanwhile, in terms of beauty enthusiasts, it can be easier to find various selected local brands that have the best quality. We are optimistic, through the participation of local brands in this campaign as well as support from customers, we can face and get through this challenge better,” added Chrisanti.

During the Love Local campaign period, beauty enthusiasts can help and experience attractive offers directly through discounts or purchase discounts of up to 55%.

They can also get a foldable bag for free with a minimum spend of IDR 500 thousand and the opportunity to get a shopping voucher of up to IDR 70 thousand with the code LOCAL70K until the end of August.

Beauty enthusiasts can immediately enjoy this special offer by visiting Sociolla via the website or smartphone via the SOCO application.