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Startup FreshBox Offers Shopping for Kitchen Needs from Home

Startup FreshBox Offers Shopping for Kitchen Needs from Home

Among the many fresh vegetable shopping applications, FreshBox also offers solutions to meet kitchen needs during the Covid-19 pandemic, ranging from vegetables, fruits, meat, spices and various other kitchen needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to change their mindset and carry out activities from home. Starting from working from home, online school, to shopping.

The presence of an application for shopping for fresh vegetables and kitchen needs is urgently needed in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of community activity restrictions (PPKM). This is to help reduce public interaction so that the transmission of the Coronavirus can be prevented.

Startup FreshBox Offers Shopping for Kitchen Needs from Home

Starting from vegetables, fruits, meat, spices, to various other needs. Freshbox founder Matthew James embraces the “farm to table” concept, where their products are harvested daily and come directly from the farm they own.

“The birth of Freshbox started from my mother’s dream to sell fresh vegetables because she really likes gardening. I believe in her dream, and together with this amazing team, we have developed FreshBox to this day,” he said, Monday, August 9 2021.

Starting from Serving Restaurants and Hotels

Freshbox Indonesia, is a start-up company that provides services for purchasing vegetables, fruits, meat and other kitchen needs. Freshbox Indonesia was established in 2018, under the auspices of PT Berkah Tani Sejahtera.

Initially, Freshbox Indonesia only focused on supplying the needs of companies engaged in hotels, restaurants and catering. However, seeing the opportunities and the continued growth of the company, Freshbox Indonesia now has services for end-users as well.

At the end of 2018, FreshBox began to enter the marketplace industry in Indonesia, namely to JD.ID and Blibli.com, and FreshBox also started to open its first offline store at Mall of Indonesia (MOI), Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

Startup FreshBox Offers Shopping for Kitchen Needs from Home

Two years later, in 2020 to be exact, FreshBox innovated to launch an online service application for home-scale customers. This application can be installed for both Android and iOS smartphones.

In addition, Freshbox is also expanding by opening several offline outlets that can be visited, such as at MOI (Mall of Indonesia), Urban Farm PIK, and Gajah Mada Plaza, and Freshbox also plans to open several offline outlets in Jakarta and its surroundings.

In addition to focusing on offline store development, FreshBox also focuses on providing services to main suppliers such as JDFreshmart, Shopee Seger and GOfresh.

With the concept of a production schedule between farmers, this cooperation reduces the risk of unsold crops while limiting competition between them.

The Fleet is Equipped with a Chiller to Keep Food Fresh

For distribution, FreshBox also uses a fleet equipped with chillers that are ready to deliver to customers in fresh and quality conditions.

Even to reach customers further and more, FreshBox has collaborated with Bluebird Group to ensure every order will arrive on time to consumers.

Matthew also explained that there were several things that they excelled at, including the commitment to deliver H+1 to maintain customer satisfaction, having their own garden so that the quality and availability of products can be ensured, and also having their own in-housefleet.

Startup FreshBox Offers Shopping for Kitchen Needs from Home

In the same segment there are also names such as SayurBox, HappyFresh, TukangSayur, Tanihub, KedaiSayur, Etanee, and others. The current condition is a new chapter in the fresh food product delivery industry.

In times of a pandemic like now, demand is soaring, many users join, old users are also now making more frequent transactions. This is the perfect time to earn and increase user trust. That’s why apart from technological readiness, stock availability is also a challenge. 

It could be that after this is done, people are even more comfortable shopping for their daily needs through the application. Freshbox, is quite optimistic that it can provide the best for their consumers.

With the team, technology, and agricultural products they currently have they are quite optimistic to be able to satisfy their customers. Currently they are also in the stage of raising funds to accelerate the business.