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Success in Jabodetabek, Lalamove Expands Services to Greater Bandung

Success in Jabodetabek, Lalamove Expands Services to Greater Bandung

The technology company providing instant delivery services, Lalamove, announced that its services can now be accessed in the Greater Bandung area. Previously, Lalamove provided delivery services in Jabodetabek.

The reason is that many MSMEs and education cities are the main drivers of this expansion step. In the initial phase, five thousand Lalamove drivers consisting of motorbikes and cars will serve users.

City Director Lalamove Indonesia, Andi M. Rizki, hopes that Lalamove’s presence in Bandung Raya is able to offer solutions in pursuing digital transformation.

Success in Jabodetabek, Lalamove Expands Services to Greater Bandung

“Lalamove is a one-stop solution for all goods delivery needs, because we have a complete fleet, from motorbikes, MPV cars, vans, to pick-up basins,” he said, in a statement received on Friday (28/5/2021 ).

Lalamove is equipped with a multiple stop feature that can accommodate a maximum of 19 addresses in one delivery transaction. Users can also schedule deliveries from 30 days in advance.

Both the orderer and the recipient of the package can track the position of the driver and vehicle fleet in real-time, thus simplifying the delivery process.

The Benefits the User Gets

The company also provides a number of discounts for new users. For MSMEs and other business players, there is a special promo when joining Lalamove Business Partners.

The advantage is that they can also integrate the website/application with the Lalamove delivery system (API) without any commission fee deductions. Andi targets, by operating in the Bandung area, its services will be able to reach 30 percent of the MSME sector.

Success in Jabodetabek, Lalamove Expands Services to Greater Bandung

“Once stable in this city, we will continue to expand Lalamove services to major cities in Indonesia. Just wait for the official announcement from us,” added Andi.

For information, during the Lebaran 2021 period, Lalamove has served 10 times the transaction compared to the same period in the previous year.

A survey from Markplus on 122 respondents stated that 67.2% of respondents were more interested in using same-day delivery services. This is because they hope to get the goods quickly.

Lalamove itself admits to getting around this through its 24-hour service. This makes it easier for Lalamove users to send food or goods at dawn or breaking the fast.

In addition, the multi-stop service in the application can also make it easier for users, especially business people, to send large quantities of goods in one order. Delivery can also be scheduled as needed.

Serving Drug and Vitamin Delivery during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Since the pandemic and PSBB in Jakarta were implemented, the demand for medicines and vitamins has increased significantly.

The unavailability of the Corona vaccine, which is currently still in the testing phase, has made medicines and vitamins a mainstay of the community to maintain health in the midst of a pandemic during the PSBB.

The pharmaceutical industry continues to strive to meet these needs by boosting drug supplies and delivery. On the other hand, limited supply, uneven distribution, and speed of delivery are obstacles for many pharmaceutical companies both for delivery to pharmacies and to consumers.

Success in Jabodetabek, Lalamove Expands Services to Greater Bandung

According to health technology company mClinica, the increase in demand for drugs and vitamins is more than 100 percent when compared to before the pandemic.

Based on the survey conducted, this high demand is partly due to the fact that many people feel more comfortable and safer buying drugs from a pharmacy instead of going to the hospital.

With the implementation of the PSBB, most people prefer to have online health consultations, while the medicines are sent from pharmacies to their homes. The same thing was expressed by the pharmaceutical company Century.

According to Century Syarmini’s Regional Operations Manager, the demand for medicines, vitamins, and hand sanitizers has increased dramatically since the enactment of the PSBB. Even though it had returned to normal, the implementation of PSBB volume 2 in Jakarta made the demand to increase again.