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Social Bella Records Transaction Increase by 50 Percent

Social Bella Records Transaction Increase by 50 Percent

Social Bella, who is now entering the age of six, has recorded new achievements. The achievements of this startup also show that the beauty industry is one of those industries that can survive during the pandemic.

According to the Co-Founder & CEO of Social Bella John Rasjid, this is evidenced by the positive growth in demand for personal care and beauty products.

“Internally, until now we have recorded an increase in transactions in the ecosystem by 50 percent compared to before the pandemic,” said John in an official statement received on Wednesday (31/3/2021).

This growth is also inseparable from changes in consumer behavior who now prefer to purchase products online. For this reason, Social Bella will continue to improve its services through technological innovation.

One of the things Social Bella is doing is launching the latest version of the SOCO application as a one-stop beauty app. Moreover, users of the SOCO application have almost quadrupled in the last two years.

John said, through the use of technology, his party wants to present a beauty ecosystem that is easily accessible to users.

The Latest Version Provides Features That Help Users

Through this latest version, users can not only shop, but also access a number of recommended articles and make-up tutorial videos. Not only that, but they can also provide or read reviews from other users, as well as scan product barcodes when shopping at Sociolla offline stores.

“The latest version of SOCO comes with integrating reviews and shopping to answer the needs of beauty enthusiasts in a safer and more personal way, it’s to improve the users experiences,” said John.

On the other hand, President and Social Co-Founder Bella Christopher Madiam said, his party is still optimistic about the growth of the beauty industry during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Even though all industrial sectors have experienced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are optimistic that there will be a stretch in the beauty industry this year,” he said.

This, according to Christopher, cannot be separated from the economic recovery that is being promoted by the government. For that, he said Social Bella will prepare to serve the market more optimally this year.

Startup Social Bella Expands to Vietnam

Towards the end of 2020, Social Bella itself has announced its expansion into the international market for the first time. The company is targeting Vietnamese market using the Sociolla services.

This expansion has been carefully calculated, including understanding the local consumers’ behavior in the country, according to Social Bella.

Expanding to Vietnam was also followed by the latest funding round they received with a value of USD 58 thousand (around IDR 837 million) from global investors, such as Temasek, Pavilion Capital, and Jungle Ventures.

“Vietnamese market is one of the fastest-growing beauty and personal care markets in Southeast Asia and they have a digital literate young population. This market has a lot in common with ours,” said Christopher Madiam, the Co-Founder and President of Social Bella, in an official statement, Thursday (15/10/2020).

For this reason, the company feels Vietnam is the right country as part of their first international expansion plan, according to Christopher.

The beauty and personal care market in Vietnam remained strong and adaptive during the Covid-19 pandemic, based on the Cosmeticsdesign-asia.com report. The country’s beauty sector has also seen about 80 percent growths on online platforms.

“The strong trust and support of our investors is shown by the latest funding we received. It’s also strengthened our enthusiasm and confidence to make strategic decisions to expand,” said Christopher further.

Not only that, but the company also collaborates with local brand from Indonesia, ESQA as a vegan beauty product. So, ESQA became a brand that expanded me with Sociolla to Vietnam.