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RedDoorz and OYO Provide Free Lodging for RI Medical Personnel

RedDoorz and OYO Provide Free Lodging for RI Medical Personnel

A startup provider and hotel booking platform provider, RedDoorz provides free lodging for medical personnel who treat patients infected with the coronavirus. Likewise with the company from India, OYO.

RedDoorz is collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) to provide the program titled Red Heroes. This service is also available in Southeast Asia, to overcome the corona pandemic.

RedDoorz and OYO Provide Free Lodging for RI Medical Personnel

The Singapore-based company provides a total of 102 rooms in two hotels, namely RedDoorz Plus Near Plaza Blok M and RedDoorz Plus @ Thamrin. The two hotels were chosen because of their proximity to two referral hospitals related to Covid-19, namely Gatot Subroto Army Hospital and Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.

“Red Heroes in Jakarta as part of efforts to support the efforts of the Indonesian government and the health system in these most decisive times,” RedDoorz CEO and Founder Amit Saberwal said in a press release on Thursday (2/4).

Kemenparekraf Teams Up with Housing Startups to Support the Program

Kemenparekraf will work together with various units in the government to manage and handle bookings and determine medical personnel who can access the free lodging.

This program will also be continued by RedDoorz, depending on the development of the pandemic in the country. “In the Kemenparekraf capacity, we want to facilitate medical personnel and task forces that need accommodation,” Parekraf Minister Wishnutama said.

RedDoorz and OYO Provide Free Lodging for RI Medical Personnel

Selected partners must implement the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) related to guest services as determined by the Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health).

OYO Hotels and Homes Indonesia also specifically allocates one of its hotels as a residence for medical staff. “To facilitate their access to stay, clean themselves or just unwind during these difficult conditions,” Country Head of OYO Hotels and Homes Indonesia Alfian Lim said in a press release.

This initiative has also been implemented in India, Malaysia, and the United States. The company provides information about Covid-19, so that hotel staff can work in peace and comfort.

Dirbinum Army Central Hospital Gatot Soebroto, Colonel dr. Abraham Arimuko said, the location of residence far enough from the hospital to be one obstacle for medical personnel.

“We greatly appreciate OYO’s initiative in providing accommodation for medical personnel, especially its relatively affordable location,” he said.

Previously, OYO Had Provided Assistance to Its Partners

Many hotels and shops in various tourist destinations do not operate due to the coronavirus outbreak. WHO also issued an appeal for the people of the world not to visit a number of countries and cities where the outbreak broke out.

Therefore, OYO spent Rp 2.7 billion for its partners in Southeast Asia. “Regional has become one of our priority markets and has contributed significantly,” said OYO Southeast Asia, Japan, and Middle East CEO Mandar Vaidya in a press release on Thursday (2/20).

RedDoorz and OYO Provide Free Lodging for RI Medical Personnel

These funds can be used by partners to monitor the health of employees and consumers, so they are not infected with the coronavirus. The hope, the pandemic did not have a significant impact on the tourism sector, especially partners.

The startup that was injected with SoftBank’s capital also maximizes technology to provide services without human contact. This aims to minimize the spread of coronavirus. The OYO-led team for Southeast Asia set aside a portion of the salary to support the partners’ business in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

“The tourism industry is one of the sectors affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus,” he said. The company also has poured funds of 1 million yuan, or about Rp 1.9 billion to cope with the pandemic in China.

The startup has operated more than 44 thousand hotels with 1.2 million rooms in 800 cities in 80 countries. OYO said markets in China and other countries outside India contributed to losses.