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Qiscus Releases Robolabs, Help Businesses Create Chatbots Without Coding

Qiscus Releases Robolabs, Help Businesses Create Chatbots Without Coding

Qiscus, a provider of multichannel chat platforms for businesses, has released Robolabs, an add-on chatbot builder to make it easy for businesses to create their own chatbots without coding and relying on Excel.

Qiscus Releases Robolabs, Help Businesses Create Chatbots Without Coding

The chatbot will be automatically integrated with your Qiscus Multichannel Chat account. In an official statement, the company released this solution because during this pandemic many businesses have and will change their business processes in order to continue to survive.

According to PwC data, Covid-19 has accelerated the development of conversational AI, as many as 52 percent of companies accelerated AI adoption plans due to the pandemic. With the urgency of digital transformation, many businesses are now turning to using chatbots.

Qiscus CTO Evan Purnama explained that the presence of chatbots is not only beneficial for consumers, but also for companies. In an era where service speed is more important, chatbots will help companies to stay one step ahead.

“It’s presented to help business people to create their own chatbot which will automatically be integrated with their Qiscus Multichannel Chat account. With the features found in QiscusRobolabs, businesses can improve their business performance,” he said, Wednesday (15/12).

Qiscus Releases Robolabs, Help Businesses Create Chatbots Without Coding

Has a Bot Template Feature

In contrast to chatbots in general, Robolabs has a Bot Template feature that can make it easier for business people to manage chatbots with logic and analytics uploaded to Excel files and available in the Multichannel dashboard without having to do coding and other programming.

This means, without having to do any coding and other programming, businesses can create a chatbot as easily as creating a spreadsheet in Excel. Additionally, businesses can train bots to respond to inappropriate conversation contexts.

Through the Training Bot feature in Qiscus Robolabs, users can train bots by changing the context of inappropriate conversations into the correct context without any complicated coding.

Using the Training Bot feature is very easy because the system will automatically train the bot with the latest context. That way, businesses can provide the right automatic response through automatic message identification by chatbots.

Qiscus Robolabs also has a set of other features, such as Handover Agent, Integrate with External Webhook, and Analytics that can support business needs, especially in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service (CS).

Qiscus Releases Robolabs, Help Businesses Create Chatbots Without Coding

Chatbot Development Potential

Qiscus, Kata.ai, Botika, Bahasa.ai, are several startup chatbot developers for businesses in Indonesia. The implementation of chatbots has also begun to be widespread, not only placed as customer service.

However, the challenge that has haunted the effectiveness of a chatbot is understanding the language and database of solutions provided, so it needs to be equipped with a learning machine so that chat can continue to be trained.

Various changes and new expectations from customers at this time, make chatbots a way for businesses to simplify and speed up business processes that are now carried out online.

Besides being able to improve the customer engagement process, chatbots can also save the company’s operational costs. Not only that, it provides efficiency in the time and laborrequired by the company.

This causes the number of potential leads to be generated to be greater than only depending on manpower. Chatbot itself is software that allows businesses to answer chats from customers automatically without a human representative.

With a chatbot, the responses given are not limited in time. The chatbot can be used 24/7, so consumers don’t have to wait for business operating hours to get a response.

In addition, chatbots can also be used to personalize messages to customers. Through chatbots, businesses can provide a better and memorable customer experience for consumers.

With real-time conversations, consumers can freely ask questions so that consumers are satisfied with a fast and interactive response. Businesses will also get positive feedback from customers.