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Promoting the D2C Concept, Filmore Offers Femcare Menstrual Cup Products

Promoting the D2C Concept, Filmore Offers Femcare Menstrual Cup Products

According to research, the average woman will spend around IDR 80 million in her lifetime to buy feminine products during menstruation. Besides being expensive, the waste generated from the use of sanitary napkins is also quite high and damaging to the environment.

Promoting the D2C Concept, Filmore Offers Femcare Menstrual Cup Products

Filmore, which is a local Feminine Care brand, tries to offer femcare products in the form of menstrual cups that are relevant and ideal for Indonesian women.

Officially launched at the end of January 2022, Filmore was founded by Andrea Gunawan, a sexual health activist; Grace Tahir, Director of Mayapada Hospital and also known as an angel investor; together with Atola Group, a company founded by Gitta Amelia, entrepreneur and investor.

Filmore also wants to be a social movement with an educational mission about empowering women and implementing an environmentally friendly movement.

“Filmore is a social movement with a mission to empower women through healthcare products that are clean, healthy, comfortable as well as eco-friendly and sustainable. What Filmore does is for and by the community, also known as Filmore rebels,” said the Co-founder of Filmore. Gitta Amelia.

Filmore noted that most menstrual cup products offered in Indonesia today come from countries such as the United States and Europe. Only a few of these brands can provide ideal products for Indonesian women at affordable prices.

Making the use of menstrual cups less popular among Indonesian women. In addition, in Indonesia today there is still a stigma or myth about the dangers of using menstrual cups for women.

“I hope that Filmore will become the market leader in women’s hygiene and health products in Southeast Asia and change people’s habits to become more environmentally friendly, healthy, and economical,” said Gitta.

Promoting the D2C Concept, Filmore Offers Femcare Menstrual Cup Products

Featured Products of Filmore

Filmore presents two options for menstrual products that are more environmentally friendly, namely Girlfriend Menstrual Cup and Boyfriend Wet Wipes.

Prioritizing the Direct to Consumer (D2C) concept, in addition to utilizing its own website for sales channels, Filmore also utilizes the Shopee e-commerce platform for online sales channels. In the future, Filmore also has plans to market their products offline to serve a wider range of consumers.

“We work closely with various partners to manufacture our goods, carefully selecting them for quality and consistency with brand values. We are available online and have worldwide delivery via our website. We are available nationwide via Shopee. Soon we will be in selected offline health and beauty stores,” said Grace.

She added that, against mainstream products that are currently very popular among young Indonesian women, Filmore is here to offer a new solution that is more hygienic but also safe.

It is hoped that it will become a new option for today’s young women, who are looking for a cleaner, more sustainable and more comfortable option. “We will continue to break taboos and stigma, and educate with integrity to gain the trust of women in Indonesia,” said Grace.

Has Received Much Support from Indonesian Women

Utilizing social media, currently Filmore has received support from many Indonesian women through Instagram and Discord. Changing the perception of how women see their bodies through discussion sessions, now Filmore has more than 1000 members on Discord.

The process, which was carried out four months before Filmore was launched, received quite a positive response from their target users, namely young Indonesian women.

“With this menstrual cup product, women no longer need to buy pads or tampons again every month. Menstrual cup from Filmore, specially made for Asian women, lasts up to 10 years with 8 hours of use,” said Andrea Gunawan, one of the founders of Filmore.

The current D2C concept offers a lot of beauty products to femcare and targets mostly women. Utilizing channels such as e-commerce services and their own website, this concept is considered effective enough to get revenue directly.

The current beauty and health care product platforms that offer the D2C concept in Indonesia include Dr Soap and SYCA Official.