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Profitable Claims, Proptech Startup Jendela360 Plans Pre-Series A Fundraising

Profitable Claims, Proptech Startup Jendela360 Plans Pre-Series A Fundraising

The pandemic has changed people’s habits of buying property. If in the past there were still many who searched for properties offline, now online mechanisms are widely chosen.

Profitable Claims, Proptech Startup Jendela360 Plans Pre-Series A Fundraising

Even though at the beginning of the pandemic the proptech business had problems, but after most people have adapted, then they experience better growth.

One of them is felt by the developer of the proptechJendela360 platform, they recorded growth of up to 3x during the pandemic. This shows that the proptech business is getting better and is predicted to continue to experience a positive increase.

Co-founder & CEO of Jendela360, Daniel Rannu, said that during the pandemic, property purchases for homes experienced quite good growth.

As a platform that prioritizes virtual tour technology, they have made a number of adjustments in their business — one of which is looking at the trend of working from home that many companies do for their employees. In addition, most of those who buy houses want to use the room as a home office.

“We are also making adjustments in terms of rental properties, in this case apartments. Previously we only offered long-term rentals, now we provide short-term rental options for tenants, but not daily,” said Daniel.

Profitable Claims, Proptech Startup Jendela360 Plans Pre-Series A Fundraising

Virtual Tour Growth

The use of virtual tours to see the location and design of houses in more detail is also claimed to experience positive growth in terms of usage.

Although it does not add features to the technology, but to provide the best experience to users, Jendela360 strives to provide users with the best quality and complete information.

By combining technology in the form of data and skills directly in the field, it is hoped that it can build a strong foundation for Jendela360.

Currently they are still focused on providing information on residential properties and apartment rentals, there are no plans to add other property options.

“We will also focus on traction because I see that at this time the opportunity is very large for house sales and apartment rentals. It would be wise for us if in the future we can become kings in these two categories, namely houses and apartments,” said Daniel.

Profitable Claims, Proptech Startup Jendela360 Plans Pre-Series A Fundraising

Funding from Sinar Mas Group

After previously securing $1 million in initial funding led by BEENEXT, earlier this year Jendela360 also received initial funding from entities affiliated with the Sinar Mas Group.

It was not stated further how much investment was received, but this strategic investment is expected to encourage the growth of Jendela360 even better.

“Property is a networking business, it makes sense for us through this collaboration with the Sinar Mas Group. Through this funding we will develop technology and data science. We will use the rest for marketing and branding activities,” said Daniel.

Operationally, Jendela360 currently claims to be profitable. To take advantage of this year’s momentum, they plan to raise funds again for the pre-series A stage.

Since launching, Jendela360 currently has listings throughout Indonesia. However, most of the existing traffic comes from the Jakarta area and its surroundings.

To provide a better user experience, Jendela360 will also develop the O2O concept. In the future, this concept will be the choice for most proptech platforms in the country, which combines online and offline concepts.

“In Indonesia, not all property purchases can be done online. Everything must be equipped with the O2O concept to be able to make sales as a marketplace platform that prioritizes virtual tour technology. At the same time they still need human touch and property purchases, including emotional purchases,” said Daniel.

According to Forbes, around 78% of homebuyers say they choose to see more properties virtually with 3D tours due to safety concerns.

In addition, 69% of home sellers who did not consider 3D tours a necessity before the pandemic, are now starting to see that 3D tours are needed.