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Prasetiya Mulya, AIF, and UnionSpace Collaborated to Present an Ecosystem to Support Startups

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The development of a startup business in Indonesia cannot be separated from its supporting ecosystem. Then, to create a good ecosystem for the development of startups, collaboration from various parties is necessary. As an actual strategy to create an ecosystem that supports startups development, Indonesia China Tech Ignition (ICTI) was introduced.

This is Prasetiya Mulya University along with Academy of Internet Finance (AIF) from Zhejiang University, China and UnionSPACE that are collaborating to launch ICTI. This event would be held in three big cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.

The goal of this event is to provide a platform for Indonesian and Chinese startups to share research and technology. Besides, it aims to provide the business support needed in terms of obtaining investor funding and practical mentoring to develop the business scale.

The Collaboration Will Create Educational Programs for Startups

Prof. Djisman S Simandjuntak, the Principal of Prasetiya Mulya University explained that his party understood the importance of appropriate human resources for the development of startups. Thus, the university would collaborate with AIF to provide educational programs for startup businesses.

This way, startup businessmen can continue to develop their business not only at the national level but also globally. Meanwhile, Prof. Ben Shenglin, the Dean of the Academy of Internet Finance (AIF) from Zhejiang University stated that his party will use its investor network to support it.

As a research institution that has a global network, Ben said that AIF will use its investor network to invite Chinese investors to participate in investing in the startup business in Indonesia. Besides, AIF is also enthusiastic to share its knowledge and networks to produce leading Indonesian startups.

Moreover, as a representative of UnionSPACE’ Board of Directors, Andy Zain said that UnionSPACE is ready to contribute and fully support this initiative. UnionSPACE itself is one of the leading companies and market leaders in the field of coworking space in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

UnionSPACE Will Provide Any Necessary Supports

“We (UnisonSPACE) will provide legal services, taxation, human resources, and other related business support for startups, especially those that will join Indonesia China Tech Ignition. UnionSPACE is committed to carrying on as the best platform for startup development,” Andy explained.

Furthermore, Indonesia China Tech Ignition (ICTI) will also partner with several companies. They are ones that have been proven to contribute to supporting startup ecosystems in Indonesia, such as GK Plug and Play, Kejora Ventures, Alibaba Cloud, vOffice, and IZIN.co.id.

There will also be several community partners invited to join this event. Those who will be involved in this event include the Indonesian Fin-tech Association (AFTECH), the Zhejiang Association of Internet Finance (ZAIF), the Indonesian E-Commerce Association, Hipmi, as well as the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce.

These communities are known to home lots of startups right now. Hopefully, the members of these communities can feel the benefits of the ICTI program directly. As a result, they can get the opportunity to become a leading startup company which is not only known locally but also globally.