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Plant The Future: The Growth Of 6,000 IGL Seed Pods

Plant The Future: The Growth Of 6,000 IGL Seed Pods

Shah Alam, 31 March 2022- Plant The Future is IGL Coatings’ dedication to its green initiatives in supporting Responsible, Sustainable Consumption & Production. A Key Part of the #IGLPlantTheFuture campaign is the 6,000 trees planted, which are made from IGL recycled boxes.

Plant The Future: The Growth Of 6,000 IGL Seed Pods

Leading The Industry in Sustainability & Innovation

Since incorporation, IGL has recognized its impact on the environment. IGL continues to work towards incorporating renewable and sustainable sources in its operations. In 2019, IGL Coatings led the industry and introduced its sustainable packaging solutions.

But it’s not just about packaging and making things shiny with IGL Coatings.

The recently launched innovative clear anti-corrosion system works to prolong the lifespan of metals from corrosion. Its durability and innovative features set it apart from other anti-corrosive systems as it is introduced in the protective industry.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is today; as goes a popular Chinese Proverb. This just shows us how our actions today can change tomorrow!” shares Keong Chun Chieh, CEO, and Founder of IGL Coatings.

He continues, “The Plant the Future Initiative is exciting!  It actively encourages recycling, supports social enterprises, and restores the environment. Not only do we talk about recycling, but we’re also showing how it’s done. This is only the beginning of our sustainability efforts for the green team.”

Recycling Done Right, The IGL Way

Part of this initiative for Malaysia includes the recycling of used and old IGL Boxes into custom seed pods. Old IGL Boxes are dropped off at IGL Coatings Head Quarters in Malaysia and sent to be transformed into IGL Seed Pods.

Magic Seed Malaysia (MSM) individually handcrafted each  IGL Seed Pods (with the IGL logo) for gifting away. MSM, powered by Mom’s Village Asia is a social enterprise that transforms marginalized women in impoverished communities without financial backing. Through their efforts focusing on mothers, they are given the opportunity to create a much-needed source of income.

“Through this initiative, we are gifting up to 6,000 plants to our the Malaysian IGL Family. Additionally, we are also rebuilding the lives of mothers in need and the communities they are in. For our IGL Family around the world, they are participating in creating their own Seed Pods and planting it.” mentions Keong.

Plant the Future with IGL Coatings represents IGL’s continuous dedication towards repurposing, recycling and rebuilding communities and environments. Read here for more on the IGL Seed Pods and how you can create them too.