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Merace Officially Starts Registration Announce FunBall’s Latest Update

Merace Officially Starts Registration Announce FunBall's Latest Update

LONDON, UK – Media OutReach – 28 January 2022 – Recently, the Metaverse competition platform MeRace announced that the official website has formally opened registration for all users, and updated the functions and contents of the game FunBall on Jan. 30 to further improve the user’s game experience.

On the official website, MeRace formally opened the registration function. Users with digital currency wallet can bind and register through the link wallet function on the official website. After new users register, they can log in to the game through the wallet QR code, or click the wallet to view the platform token assets and NFT assets. Users participating in MeRace airdrop activities can view and open the blind box through NFT assets. At present, the official website of MeRace carries out airdrop rewards for newly registered users. If you register successfully before March 10, you will have the opportunity to obtain airdrop rewards with a total value of 100000 MER, such as MER, player NFT, game props and so on. It is worth noting that the official website of MeRace only supports MetaMask wallets for the time being, and other digital currency wallets will be gradually accessed.

In terms of games, FunBall’s commercial activities section and League section will be opened on Jan. 30. Commercial activities are classified according to activity rewards, with four levels: S, A, B and C. Users can send football players to participate in commercial activities to obtain special training cards, which are necessary props for football players to update stars in the game. According to the official introduction, players with higher quality and level will bring additional bonus. The League section opens the function of creating and joining. White list users can become the president of the League to create the League. The League will synchronize with the real-world game system, set rich tournament bonuses, and continue to receive dual incentives and sponsorship from platforms and games. The game is expected to be launched for internal test in February, and more functions are gradually opening up.

Since 2021, the wind of GameFi has been blowing very fast, resulting in the lack of playfulness in most of the current market. However, FunBall has achieved the integration of a variety of game contents, forming a model that can really relax, entertain and get rewards. In the future, MeRace will rapidly promote the research and development of FunBall game, realize the concept of diversified game playing of football competition, further improve the functional application of the platform and expand the Metaverse game world.