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Medigo and the Indonesian Doctors Association Launch IDI Smart Clinic

Medigo and the Indonesian Doctors Association Launch IDI Smart Clinic

Technological developments disrupt a variety of industries, including the health industry. On the other hand, there are still many challenges that must be faced in the health industry, especially by providers of health facilities (health facilities). Realizing this, Medigo, a health startup focused on digitizing hospitals and clinics, in collaboration with the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) presented the IDI Smart Clinic.

Harya Bimo as Medigo’s CEO said IDI’s Smart Clinic will become the number one digital clinic network in Indonesia to answer the challenges faced by all stakeholders of the health industry in the era of JKN (National Health Insurance).

Smart Clinic to Increase BPJS Capitation

“The use of digital technology and automation can increase efficiency, trim business processes and increase productivity. In the health industry, this will have an impact on reducing the cost of health services in clinics and the efficiency of the health service budget from BPJS, “said dr. Eko Nugroho, MPH as CMO of Medigo.

Furthermore, Harya Bimo explained the presence of IDI Smart Clinic as a form of Medigo’s collaboration with IDI that gave birth to innovations to answer the challenges of the health industry in the JKN era through the application of digital technology.

“IDI Smart Clinic provides a total management solution for modern clinics that aims to empower doctors in Indonesia and also prioritizes Value-Based Care that allows patients to have easy access to good health experience (better patient experience), better health service outcomes (better patient outcome) and low cost (affordable cost), “said Bimo.

IDI Smart Clinic fosters Joint-operation collaboration with conventional clinics and is expected to increase existing clinic revenue by increasing BPJS capitation, improving public patient services, optimizing clinical services (vaccination, immunization, etc.).

Medigo and the Indonesian Doctors Association Launch IDI Smart Clinic
Medigo and the Indonesian Doctors Association Launch IDI Smart Clinic

In addition, IDI Smart Clinic also allows clinics to increase revenue by serving patients outside their clinic facilities such as referrals to hospital partners and telemedicine services between health facilities, home care services and health monitoring for patients treated at home.

Medigo Will Develop 1,000 Clinics in 5 Years

Medigo CEO Harya Bimo said the company is currently developing 5 Smart Clinics in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) areas with the target to be completed by March next year. He is optimistic; gradually the company and IDI can develop more clinical networks in various regions for the next five years.

In the Press Conference in Jakarta, Medigo CEO, Harya Bimo explained that the company will continue to develop the smart clinic network throughout the country. This plan is a commitment to improve health quality in Indonesia.

In order to improve the quality of health services and increasingly have a positive impact on stakeholders in the health industry, Medigo and IDI plan to open 2 IDI Smart Clinics in Bekasi in January 2020 and target to open 1,000 IDI Smart Clinic networks in Indonesia within the next 5 years.

Medigo and the Indonesian Doctors Association Launch IDI Smart Clinic
Medigo and the Indonesian Doctors Association Launch IDI Smart Clinic

A Smart Clinic Has More Advantages Compared to Other Digital Clinics

Bimo claims that a Smart Clinic has several advantages compared to other digital clinics. This service will later focus on empowering doctors and clinics through digital transformation. He explained that a smart clinic is expected to encourage collaboration with conventional clinics.

Furthermore, for registration of patients to access the clinic network can use the application or digital kiosk. This service can also receive patients who come directly to the clinic. Bimo hopes, the application can help the patients to have more effective treatment without having to wait all day.

Based on Katadata.co.id monitoring in the company’s application, namely IHC Mobile, Medigo services are already running in 17 local hospitals. This year, Medigo aims to partner with 10 hospitals, 500 clinics, and get three million interactions between patient partners and doctors.