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Klikdaily Aim To Go Public In The Next 3 Years

Klikdaily Aim To Go Public In The Next 3 Years

The supply chain tech enabler company, Klikdaily, prepares to submit its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Stock Exchange in the next 3 years.

To pursue this, Klikdaily will execute 3 innovation strategies that focus on sustainability and National Economic Recovery. First, through innovative local produced products (private label), second an effective and efficient supply chain ecosystem for 60 million MSMEs throughout Indonesia, and last, financial support for MSMEs’ partners. These strategies are highly supported by business partners and investors, together with customers’ positive response due to Klikdaily’s rapid business development.

“We believe in the importance of building a sustainable business that continues to provide solutions for people. Based on Indonesian economic data from an independent advisor of Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI), the supply chain sector has more than 12% of average annual growth that contributes nearly 70 billion USD to Indonesian economy in 2020. Hence its proven that there’s a huge market in the supply chain sector added with our expansion plans in penetrating to other business sectors, ensuring us with a positive spirit for us to continue and keep growing.” said Amos Gunawan.

These innovations are feasible because Klikdaily has numerous business partners in multi-sector and networks from upstream to downstream. Amos stated in the near future, together with strategic partner producers, in order to answer the demand of people’s daily needs, Klikdaily will launch 25 various local private labels. This will also provide competitive added value for MSMEs through new product variations.