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Investree and VIDA Continue to Educate Consumers on Fintech Lending Services

Investree and VIDA Continue to Educate Consumers on Fintech Lending Services

Investree, a pioneer in fintech lending and VIDA, a pioneer in certified electronic signature solutions, continue to educate the public to better understand their rights and obligations before using fintech lending services.

Investree and VIDA Continue to Educate Consumers on Fintech Lending Services

This education aims to direct prospective borrowers and lenders to be able to make the right decisions in accessing financial services.

Not only that, to protect consumers from the threat of fintech lending and illegal accounts as well as data security hazards that can happen to anyone.

Co-Founder & CEO of Investree, Adrian Gunadi, in the current era, more and more people are using digital financial services. Therefore, awareness about rights and obligations as well as consumer protection efforts must continue to be communicated.

“We are not tired of educating the public about the importance of ensuring the legality of fintech lending providers from the Financial Services Authority,” he said in a press statement, Thursday (21/4).

In addition to knowing the right and legal financial services, users must also conduct a personal financial assessment before using financial services.

Understanding the rights and obligations as a user and supported by various comprehensive IT-based safeguards will create a conducive and beneficial financial service ecosystem.

He continued, consumers are also encouraged to seek information about fintech lending providers through official social media sites and channels as well as their license status and registration with the OJK which can be accessed through the website www.cekfintech.id.

Investree and VIDA Continue to Educate Consumers on Fintech Lending Services

The Importance of Understanding the Risks for Borrowers and Lenders

For consumers who want to become borrowers, they must consider the reasons for accessing loans and conduct personal financial assessments. Adrian gave an example, considering the need for a loan with a payment deadline.

Thus, consumers can get definite benefits for their needs and can plan loan payments carefully to avoid the risk of default.

To be calm, before applying for a loan, prospective borrowers can take advantage of the loan calculator facility on the Investree website to check the potential loan amount and the interest rate that will be obtained. From there, just adjust it to the ability to pay and the loan preferences of the prospective borrower.

As for consumers who want to become lenders, it is important to pay attention to the risk profile that matches their preferences: conservative, moderate, or aggressive. This risk profile distinguishes the types of funding products that consumers can choose from.

For consumers who choose a conservative to moderate risk profile, they can try investment products in the form of deposits or SBN products (ORI and SBR) which have flat yields every month, or mutual funds to SBSN products (Retail Sukuk and Savings Sukuk) with floating yields.

Adjusting the choice of investment instruments to their respective risk profiles will help consumers to achieve their financial goals safely by minimizing losses.

Investree and VIDA Continue to Educate Consumers on Fintech Lending Services

Platform’s Responsibility and Guarantee of Security for Users

On the other hand, related to data security, Investree’s partner VIDA also sees that understanding consumer rights and obligations must be accompanied by platform responsibilities that can provide a guarantee of security for users (digital trust).

VIDA CEO and Co-Founder, Sati Rasuanto, stated that for digital industry players such as fintech lending, data is a source of life. And guaranteeing the security of customer data is crucial.

Therefore, the implementation of technology that can provide a sense of security is a must. As an Electronic Certificate Provider (PSrE), VIDA continues to provide these services for our business partners and consumers.

VIDA is committed to be present as a trusted friend who is the answer to people’s concerns about the administrative process of the digital era which is still complicated and time-consuming, through certified safe electronic signature products by implementing global standard technology.

As the first PSrE in Indonesia to receive Webtrust accreditation, VIDA encourages security guarantees for the identity verification process that is carried out online using facial verification, both for e-KYC needs to online loans. “The entire process has been independently audited to make the security of customer data our priority.”