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Startups From Indonesia Take Part in Zurich Innovation Championship

Indonesian Startups Take Part in Zurich Innovation Championship 2020

Chris Bendl, Country Manager of Zurich Indonesia, said, “As a leading insurance company with global reach, we are in the right position to join a startup that is nimble, innovative, and supports ideas that can improve the quality of life.

More than 1,300 registrations were received after the competition was launched on September 24, 2019, in Las Vegas with innovations that reflected the theme of the ‘Protecting the Next Generation’ competition, including 27 registrants with innovations aimed at Indonesia, of which four came from Indonesia.

Those startups came from various business from around the world. The number of registrants this time has tripled from the previous year’s competition.

Startups From Indonesia Take Part in Zurich Innovation Championship

Through the Zurich Innovation Championship, we develop tools to adapt and predict the changing needs of our customers. By involving startups, we can build a better society and increase risk resilience for individuals and businesses. “

Fadjar Hutomo, Deputy Industry and Investment, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also attended the country level competition round. In this round, the six finalists presented their innovations to the jury consisting of Hassan Karim, Zurich Underwriting; David Fike, Regional Head of Strategy, Zurich Asia Pacific; Ashvin Uttamsingh, Chief Operating Officer, Zurich Topas Life; Hengky Prihatna, Executive Director of Northstar Group; and Wayah Wiroto, Managing Director, Endeavor Indonesia.

Four Startups That Have the Opportunity to Participate in this Event

Startups include AtmaGo, Medi-call, Riliv, and Bindcover. Atmago is a social media application created to share information, especially information about natural disasters. By using Atmago we can tell the situation at the disaster site or notify the impending disaster.

Medi-call is a startup that was established in 2017, on its website they refer to themselves as ‘health service provider applications that make it easy for users to call/request medical personnel (doctors, nurses, midwives, and physiotherapists) to the location’.

Startups From Indonesia Take Part in Zurich Innovation Championship

As a vision, the startup, which claims to have been present in 20 cities in Indonesia, plans to ‘connect Health Service Providers with patients based on plenary, holistic, comprehensive, real-time services and be at the forefront of Southeast Asia by 2021.

While Riliv is a startup that provides online counseling services through applications for its users. This startup, established in 2015, connects users with online psychologists.

Bindcover is the youngest startup compared to the two competitors. The startup, which was established in 2018, is a business to business (B2B) platform created for brokerage companies, insurance companies for the process of identifying and selecting risks or underwriting.

The Startup Mission is in Line with Zurich’s Business

The four startups have a focus that seems to be in line with Zurich’s business, which is a company engaged in the insurance field. Even so, Zurich said they did not limit the focus of the startups which participated in the ZIC 2020 competition.

“We do not specialize in certain industries for these startups, what is important is their innovation can protect future generations. That’s because we are an insurance company, whose aim is to provide protection,” Hassan Karim, Zurich Underwriting, said here on Tuesday (18) / 2/2020).

Startups From Indonesia Take Part in Zurich Innovation Championship

The participating startups will go through three rounds of selection – country, regional and global levels. The regional and global selection rounds will take place in June and August 2020. At the global round, Zurich will select three winning startups (gold, silver, and bronze) to be able to execute their innovations (with combined resources from countries and groups) in their countries each.

ZIC reinforces the Zurich Insurance Group’s commitment to innovate without limits. In this competition, Zurich allows startups to develop their service user base on a commercial scale and with Zurich’s experience in the insurance industry for almost 150 years.