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Indodax Received Two ISO Certifications and Aimed to Become the Next Unicorn

Indodax Received Two ISO Certifications and Aimed to Become the Next Unicorn

Indodax is the first digital asset marketplace company in Indonesia that has two types of ISO certification at once, namely 9001: 2015 and 27001: 2013. These certification types are international standards in terms of quality management and information security systems.

These ISO certification standards are recognized in 182 countries in the world and are known to be very strict and difficult to obtain. William Sutanto, Indodax’s Chief Technology Officer, said that the process and the effort they had taken for ISO was not easy and the process was quite strict.

They had to fulfill a series of requirements that had never been encountered before. “The process is quite strict. However, behind all of that, the good news is that Indodax is one of the few digital startups in Indonesia that has two ISO certifications at the same time,” he said.

According to William, as the largest digital asset marketplace in Indonesia, they are always encouraged to become the leader in implementing the best professional practices. They do this to make users can feel at ease when making transactions and assured with guaranteed security practices.

Indodax Has Gained both National and International Recognition

Through these two certifications, Indodax was aspired to always be a consistent marketplace partner for all people. Erna Damayanty, Managing Director of PT. BSI Group Indonesia, explained the results of an audit conducted by its auditor team showed that PT. Indodax Nasional Indonesia had effectively gained national and international recognition.

In this case, they gained recognition in the scope of the management of information security in provision crypto exchange asset services. This means that PT. Indodax Nasional is increasingly showing its commitment to information security to its stakeholders and customers.

Oscar Darmawan, Indodax’s CEO, added that these two ISO certifications will be the documents to be attached when registering with the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI). “As of February 1, we found out that all crypto-asset exchange companies are required to register with Bappebti,” he said.

He added that they need to complete the requirements. One of them is ISO certified. “On the other hand, as business people, we also want to ensure that every step taken is full of compliance values ​​related to government regulations and relevant to existing industry ethical standards,” he said.

Indodax Aims to Become a New Unicorn Startup in Indonesia

Indodax also aims to become a new unicorn digital startup in Indonesia and is active in raising the country’s name in the international arena shortly. This target will be pursued through several new and excellent programs, such as the development of operations, technology, services, and products.

One of the latest breakthroughs is the renewal of a more futuristic website look. It aims to make users feel a faster surfing experience. Furthermore, Indodax will continue to present several additional features that will be updated from time to time.

The Chairman of the Indonesian Blockchain Association, Muhammad Deivito Dunggio, welcomed and appreciated the achievement of Indodax in obtaining these two certifications. “I believe that the effort (of Indodax and other startups) to gain ISO certifications should be appreciated,” Deivito said.

“This shows the integrity and grand plans (of Indomax) that have been started from the achievement of these two ISO certifications. Hopefully, this can be an example and open up greater opportunities for other startups from Indonesia who want to achieve the same goal,” he added.

Recently, Indodax has also held a crypto asset short film making competition titled ‘Indodax Short Film Festival (ISSF) 2019’. The participants have a chance to win a total cash prize of IDR 100 million. This competition is said to be a place for young people to express themselves.