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INAI2U shifts to digital to support more than 350 agents

INAI2U shifts to digital to support more than 350 agents

Inaidamia Sdn Bhd, a company that markets natural, halal & safe henna products will launch the INAI2U agent system as an improvement for the existing agent management system. The main objective of the establishment of the INAI2U agent system is to assure more efficient management for the distributor network ecosystem and assist distributors to manage businesses and teams more systematically.

Among the improvements installed in INAI2U include a more systematic distributor registration and purchasing system. Display of sales data reports, distributor level based on KPIs are also activated in this INAI2U agent system. 

INAI2U shifts to digital to support more than 350 agents

Apart from that, the company will also provide integrated marketing materials to be used by the distributors and agents throughout Malaysia. The new system also provides added value with better and transparent profit sharing to all registered distributors and agents. The income statement can also be downloaded automatically every month to facilitate documentation.

Most interestingly, this new system also allows the distributor’s income to be inherited. Beneficiary information can be filled into the system during registration.

“This new INAI2U agent management system will benefit our current 356 distributors and agents plus it will allow us to cater to more. Through this system, all postage and purchase delivery will be managed by the headquarters. This is to streamline the fulfillment process and reduce the needs for our distributors to be outside. We believed that this will minimize the risk to Covid-19 and accidents”, said Amirul Naain Zulkhairi, CEO of Inaidamia.

INAI2U shifts to digital to support more than 350 agents

“As we are now dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, INAI2U system was built to allow our partners to focus solely on the effort to optimize their own sales and income. The rest will be managed by the company” Amirul further added.

INAI2U Agent System is a system that fully operates online. Distributors can browse https://inaidamia.my/login/ to access the system.

The objective of the transition to this system is believed to have a positive impact on the development of the company and the management of the distributor system which have seen the increasing number of memberships day by day.