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HappyFresh Presents Features for Loyal Customers in the 6th Anniversary

HappyFresh Presents Features for Loyal Customers in the 6th Anniversary

HappyFresh recently celebrated its sixth birthday. Although still young, HappyFresh has shown its ability to exist as a reliable online-based shopping platform for household needs in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

This is shown by the various achievements that have been made by HappyFresh so far. For one thing, during its six years of operation, HappyFresh riders have traveled more than 500 times the length of the equator to deliver orders.

Not only that, but HappyFresh also continues to provide various features to make it easier for users. In 2017, users can make replacement of goods if the product they want is not available.

HappyFresh Presents Features for Loyal Customers in the 6th Anniversary

HappyFresh Personal Shopper will contact users via chat or telephone features to communicate about replacement items. To meet the demands of users who want their groceries to arrive on the same day, HappyFresh then launched an instant delivery feature in 2018.

“The development of HappyFresh cannot be separated from the support and constructive criticism of users. Therefore, on our sixth anniversary, we launched the HappyFresh Reward program,” said the Co-Founder and CTO Fajar Budiprasetyo in an official statement, Friday (12/3/2021).

According to Fajar, through this program, HappyFresh must provide benefits for loyal users of the application. Through this program, users will get points every time they make a transaction.

HappyBaren6Kamu Program for Customers

On the other hand, Managing Director of HappyFresh Indonesia, Filippo Candrini, said it will expand its services in Indonesia, starting from Bali in November 2021 and Semarang in March 2021.

“Our enthusiasm and enthusiasm remain intact from time to time, because every day thousands of customers depend on HappyFresh to shop for fresh products and household necessities with same-day delivery,” said Filippo.

At the moment of this birthday, HappyFresh also held the HappyBaren6Kamu program. According to Filippo, this program is a form of gratitude for users, shoppers, including riders for the past six years.

This program will be held throughout March 2021. During this program, users can enjoy a variety of attractive promos, such as discounts of up to 60 percent, flash sales, free shipping, including extra points of up to 6,000 points for purchases.

HappyFresh’s Journey in Indonesia

HappyFresh itself launched for the first time in 2015. When it was first released in 2015, it already presented a variety of features that support the needs of shopping users, such as the online payment feature by credit card or the ‘save item’ feature.

Just like having a personal household assistant, users can also provide notes about products that will be purchased using the ‘shopper notes’ feature that has been present since 2019. Furthermore, in 2020, HappyFresh will begin to present a payment feature with a digital wallet. One of them is payment by OVO, which just launched in early March 2021.

HappyFresh Presents Features for Loyal Customers in the 6th Anniversary

OVO collaborates for digital payment transactions with HappyFresh, an online shopping platform with trained and experienced personal shoppers to select goods and riders who are ready to deliver groceries safely and stay fresh from supermarkets and user’s favorite stores.

The presence of the service originated from the experience of the Co-Founder and CTO, Fajar Budiprasetyo, when accompanying his wife to shop at the supermarket. He saw that the time spent buying daily household necessities was quite a lot.

“I thought what if the time my wife spends monthly shopping can be used to pamper myself. After six years running, it turns out that this application not only makes it easy for my wife, but also other housewives,” said Fajar.

To date, HappyFresh has partnered with more than 300 supermarkets and specialty stores, such as Lotte Mart, Ranch Market, Farmers Market, The FoodHall, Grand Lucky, Hero Supermarket, and Papaya Fresh Gallery. The application is available on iOS and Android.