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Green Rebel Becomes Indonesia’s Representative in the GROW Program

Green Rebel Becomes Indonesia's Representative in the GROW Program

Startup Green Rebel is the only representative of Indonesia in the GROW impact accelerator program. Impact Accelerator is the second wave of the GROW accelerator program.

This program is a Singapore accelerator program that aims to drive change in the global food system. The selected startups will be given US$ 100 thousand in cash for initial capital and US$ 100 thousand in the form of investments on conditions that are friendly to founders.

Green Rebel Becomes Indonesia's Representative in the GROW Program

Selected startups will also benefit from coaching, mentor support, expert sessions, peer learning, and access to industry networks.

GROW is supported by impactful partners, including the UNDP Global Center, Grow Asia, the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, and Toniic.

“Every company selected for Impact Accelerator fulfills this mission and presents unique solutions. We are very pleased to welcome these 10 exciting companies into the family and look forward to working with them to scale new milestones and create a lasting impact, ”said GROW Executive Director John Friedman.

GROW Actually Selects 10 Startups from Around the World

In the Impact Accelerator program, GROW selects 10 startups in the world, 5 of which are from Southeast Asia, namely Biteback Biotechnology (Singapore), Braintree Technologies (Malaysia), Mayani (Philippines), Seadling (Singapore), and Green Rebel (Indonesia).

Startup Green Rebel is the first plant-based meat company in Indonesia that focuses on delicious Asian flavors. Initially, the name was Green Butcher then changed its name to Green Rebel which is part of the Burgreens Family, the largest plant-based restaurant chain in Indonesia.

The aim of this company is to provide meat with high protein content, no cholesterol, and low saturated fat. The company ensures that the meat provided contains protein which is beneficial to health as well as a carbon footprint.

Green Rebel Becomes Indonesia's Representative in the GROW Program

Green Rebel has a commitment to sustainability, namely empowering Indonesian farmers throughout the archipelago by taking some of the main ingredients that are used directly from the farmers.

For example, using sea salt from the island of Bali, cassava flour and spices from Java, and coconut oil from coconut trees that grow sustainably in Riau, and so on.

So this combination of exceptional and ethically sourced ingredients creates bold and distinctive flavors for Green Rebel products.

Green Rebel Foods startup in February 2021 has announced that it will debut with vegan-friendly beef throughout Starbucks Indonesia, which has more than 50 locations in Greater Jakarta and Bali.

The startup also says it has closed its seed funding round with an undisclosed amount for a range of plant-based meat products, which are made using mushrooms, GMO-free soy protein, chickpeas, and so on.

Green Rebel Food Startup Received Initial Funding in February

Early February 2021, Green Rebel received an undisclosed amount of seed fund from Teja Ventures, Unovis Asset Management, C4D Partners, SAVEarth Fund, Phi Trust, and a number of angel investors, namely Elisa Khong, Simon Newstead, and Michal Klar.

“This funding will help us expand our R&D team, increase production, and roll out to major retailers in Q2-2021,” said Green Rebel Co-Founder and CEO Helga Angelina.

Green Rebel Becomes Indonesia's Representative in the GROW Program

The deal with Starbucks Indonesia marks the debut of a food service provided by startup Green Rebel that uses Green Butcher beef cuts in three new plant-based menu items, including plant-based sloppy joe sandwiches, wellington pockets, and focaccia patties.

The deal to supply Starbuck comes after the global coffee chain launched several partnerships with plant-based startups to expand vegan and vegetarian options across its main markets in Asia in response to shifting consumer tastes.

Currently, Green Rebel Foods provides a variety of vegetarian foods, including Maranggi Beefless Satay, Beefless Rendang, Chick’n Katsu, Vegan Syoza, Chickpea Sausage, Wholewheat Bun, Mushroom Patty, Chick’n Satay, Chck’n Satay Taichan, Chick ‘ n Karaage, Grilled Chick’n, and so on.