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Gokreator Startup Provides a Platform for Creators to Sell Contents

Gokreator Startup Provides a Platform for Creators to Sell Contents

After Sociabuzz Pro, Indonesian creators now have other options to promote, while earning income from their work. Startups or new startups that bridge the creators or creators of works with the public are Gokreator.

This startup made by PT Karya Onto Mandiri has been officially launched, by providing a platform for creators to promote work, increase engagement with fans or fans, to earn revenue from the content of his work.

Gokreator Startup Provides a Platform for Creators to Sell Contents

Chief Operating Officer of Gokreator Ady Rahmat explained, three excellent features were carried by Gokreator. ‘Tip Jar’ which is one of their mainstay features, which is a channel for fans to be able to distribute tip money to favorite creators, with a minimum amount of Rp 10,000.

In return, fans who give tips will get exclusive content from creators not published to anyone on any platform. Creators also find it easy to withdraw income from tips when the ‘tip jar’ reaches Rp 100,000.

Ady believes that the tip money feature is a new normal solution for local creators. “Gokreator helped me reach more listeners. Cool again, my podcast fans can give tips so that I can earn extra income,” said Imre Nagi, one of the creators at gokreator.com.

Another Feature for Creators to Reach a Wider Market

This platform also provides excellent features in the form of project features, where creators can also offer other services according to their expertise to the fans to be able to increase revenue.

“The project feature allows the creators to accept any work ordered by fans according to the expertise of the creators,” said Ady, in a press release on Thursday (11/6). Gokreator also provides a membership feature that allows creators to get a steady income according to the level of membership of the fans.

Gokreator Startup Provides a Platform for Creators to Sell Contents

There is also a top creator feature that promotes creators who are actively working and a streaming alert feature that will provide notifications for creators when fans give tips during live meetings with fans.

He added, Gokreator enables podcasters, writers, musicians, video creators, comic artists, visual artists, and other creators to be able to promote works while reaching a wider market.

“In addition to helping publish the work of local creators, Gokreator is a forum to strengthen the relationship between creators and fans, for example through the chat feature,” he said.

He explained, the process of becoming a creator through Gokreator was quite easy. Creators create accounts at gokreator.com, manage membership levels, publish content, and promote work to various social media.

Gokreator targets to capture 25,000 users and 1,000 creators in the first year. After launching the web version, the company plans to release a mobile app version in the IV quarter of 2020.

Previously, Sociobuzz Pro Had Already Become a Forum for Indonesian Creators

The platform for Indonesian creators had previously arrived, through Sociabuzz Pro. This feature released by the marketplace for Sociabuzz services, allows creative workers to create profiles and display their best work portfolios on one platform.

Gokreator Startup Provides a Platform for Creators to Sell Contents

Creative professionals such as content creators, bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, singers, DJs, bands, MCs, speakers, stand-up comedians, models, to writers, can make a curriculum vitae (CV) online for free using SociaBuzz Pro.

For creative workers, a professional profile at Sociabuzz can also contain a portfolio of user works. This feature distinguishes Sociabuzz from office workers’ social networks such as LinkedIn.

As once stated by the CEO of Sociabuzz, Rade Tampubolon, the company wants to be a place for all creative professionals to be able to showcase their best work and at the same time get additional jobs and new clients, so that the creative profession that is run can continue to grow and develop.