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Gojek Invites Kaesang and dr. Tirta to Review MSME Products

Gojek Invites Kaesang and dr. Tirta to Review MSME Products

Gojek hooked the youngest son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Kaesang Pangarep to influencer doctor Tirta to market Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) products.

Marketing is carried out through the GoPlay video on demand (VoD) platform and interactive live streaming. GoPlay CEO Edy Sulistyo said that various inspirational talk shows have been provided since March to encourage MSMEs to take advantage of digital live stream services.

“We also collaborate with many successful young entrepreneur figures for various tips in developing a business,” he said in a press release, Friday (7/5).

GoPlay hooked up influencers like Kaesang and doctor Tirta because they were considered to be able to transmit the enthusiasm for business development to MSME partners.

Gojek Invites Kaesang and dr. Tirta to Review MSME Products

At the end of last month (27/4), for example, GoPlay held live streaming of the Global Banana which presented Kaesang as CEO of GK Hebat and CMO Ansari Kadir.

GK Hebat is a company that oversees a number of brands such as Sang Pisang, Yang Ayam, and others through a business partnership pattern with MSME players. Kaesang, as the founder of Sang Pisang, gave tips to entrepreneurs through the talk show.

Then, doctor Tirta, who is the owner of the Shoes and Care shoe washing service, marketed local brand shoes in the Plus Six Dua event in early May. Doctor Tirta also initiated the Solevacation bazaar, which presented a variety of quality shoes made by MSMEs.

MSMEs Can Market Their Products through Interactive Features

Apart from getting tips, businesses can market their products directly through the interactive live e-commerce feature. Through this feature, consumers can watch product content for free and make purchases in real-time.

The live e-commerce feature connects consumers to the MSME sales platform, both e-commerce, independent website sites, social media, and others. “This is so that they can reach a wider market,” said Edy.

He claims, Tokio Kitchen, which participated in the inaugural event in early March, recorded an increase in revenue of up to 10 times. Tokio Kitchen is a Japanese restaurant business in Mangga Besar, Jakarta.

Gojek Invites Kaesang and dr. Tirta to Review MSME Products

In addition, GoPlay hooked Goorita to market MSME products to the global market. Edy conveyed that this collaboration resulted in various initiatives such as a series of live streaming educational programs for MSME players that involved multi-stakeholders.

The Ministry of Trade Collaborates with GoPlay to Promote MSME Products

The Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) through the Directorate General of National Export Development (PEN) held a “Side-by-Side Shelf Exploration” in collaboration with Goorita, Accelerice, and GoPlay Indonesia.

This activity is one of the efforts to promote the products of Indonesian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to the global market.

“Rak Sebelah” is a retail store owned by Accelerice that curates packaged food and beverage products from micro, small, and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) to Indonesian SMEs to be marketed in the marketplace (lokapasar).

Gojek Invites Kaesang and dr. Tirta to Review MSME Products

The activity was attended by 50 participants consisting of representatives of Indonesian trade abroad and the Indonesian diaspora in ten countries (United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong).

The main speakers were Chief Engagement Officer Accelerice Jessica Marchita. The Director of Export Development Cooperation, Marolop Nainggolan, explained that a large number of Indonesian diasporas in several countries is certainly an opportunity to be able to market Indonesian products more widely.

This opportunity, added Marolop, was explored with Goorita, who was considered ready to help Indonesian SME products to be attracted and accepted by the global market.

Goorita is an integrated service to help local businesses including SMEs to be able to compete globally abroad. Goorita’s products are selected by Indonesia as the result of accelerators or incubators, such as Accelerice.