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GoFood Service Achieves Most User-Friendly Application Predicate

GoFood Service Achieves Most User-Friendly Application Predicate

Gojek’s GoFood service recently ranked first as the most user-friendly application (UX) and number two in terms of customer experience (CX), based on research by UXalliance, Usaria, and Somia CX.

Through this research entitled ‘Delivery Apps, Time of COVID-19: Global Benchmark’, the three research institutions want to understand the influence of Covid-19 in the experience of using applications and services, including identifying the keys to successful applications in the world to adapt during the pandemic.

GoFood Service Achieves Most User-Friendly Application Predicate

This research was conducted on 47 applications for daily shopping delivery and food delivery in 17 countries in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia. From this research, GoFood got a score of 97 percent in the user-friendliness (UX) category, a score of 84 percent in customer experience (CX), and a perfect score of 100 percent for the usefulness rank.

“Like all services at Gojek, pleasant customer experience is the main focus of GoFood which is based on technological innovation,” said Gojek Group Chief Food Officer, Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo in an official statement received, Friday (2/10/2020).

Moreover, according to Catherin, during the pandemic, his party continues to seek ways to provide services that support adaptable user experiences, while creating benefits for partners in the Gojek ecosystem.

“We have realized this through various innovations such as contactless delivery and the addition of ready-to-cook categories, as well as the initiative to distribute food package coupons for driver-partners provided by GoFood’s MSME partners,” he said further.

Some of the Reasons as to Why GoFood is the Best Application

In that research, UXalliance, Usaria, and Somia CX also specifically mentioned the reasons for GoFood as the best application. Here are some of them:

1. Clear communication and health protocols for both driver-partners and GoFood business partners.

2. Concern for the welfare of partners in the ecosystem through the provision of masks and disinfectant products.

3. There are health information and recommendations for customers with a special section for articles related to Covid-19.

4. Support for government regulations through the Gojek ‘Di Rumah Aja’ campaign.

GoFood Service Achieves Most User-Friendly Application Predicate

5. Effective communication channels through the presence of important service sections in the application display, plus chat features between partners and customers.

“In times of pandemics and social restrictions, delivery applications have an important role, especially for urban life. Therefore, we want to find out how the application helps (or does not help) the lives of its users,” said UX Consultant Usaria, Diana Trujillo.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, GoFood had More than 250 Thousand New Merchants

Pandemics have a major impact on people’s lives. However, it had a quite positive impact on Gojek’s growth. Gojek did experience the addition of hundreds of thousands of new GoFood merchants from March to August 2020. Gojek Group Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), George Do, revealed that more than 250 thousand new merchants joined GoFood from March to August 2020.

This is in line with more people now spending time on mobile devices. Gojek quoted App Annie’s report “How Covid-19 Has Changed Consumer Behavior on Mobile Forever”, as saying that Indonesians now spend at least six hours a day using mobile devices.

GoFood Service Achieves Most User-Friendly Application Predicate

“Covid-19 has changed consumers, now more people are spending time on mobile devices. Our job is to always be at the forefront of digital security in our ecosystem,” said George in a virtual press conference on Friday (18/9/2020).

Based on research from the Demographic Institute of the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Indonesia regarding the socio-economic impact of Gojek during Covid-19, 94 percent of GoFood’s new partners are MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises). As many as 43 percent of the total new GoFood merchants are running their business for the first time.