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Global Market Expansion, Qlue Presents Smart City Solution in Japan

Global Market Expansion, Qlue Presents Smart City Solution in Japan

Qlue announced its newest collaboration for the global market. Entering the third quarter of 2021, this startup officially collaborates with the Intellectual Capital Management Group (ICMG) in Minamichita city, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

This collaboration embodies the smart city concept to improve the efficiency of regional functions and services using technology.

Qlue’s founder and CEO, Rama Aditya, said that his party is very happy and enthusiastic about participating in ICMG’s Co-Creation program to help Minamichita get urban solutions based on smart city technology.

Global Market Expansion, Qlue Presents Smart City Solution in Japan

This collaboration will run in July 2021 and Minamichita will become a pilot city in the implementation of Qlue solutions in Japan.

“This collaboration is part of Qlue’s vision to realize its ambition to accelerate positive change around the world. We believe that city management by inviting the participation of its citizens is an ideal government management model in line with the growth of internet access,” said Rama in an official statement received, Sunday (4/4) 7/2021).

Supported by Aichi Prefectural Government

This collaboration is supported by the Aichi prefectural government because Minamichita is facing social problems, such as declining population levels and many uninhabited houses.

With Qlue technology, Minamichita encourages residents to actively participate by submitting ideas or proposals via an application for city development.

In addition, with artificial intelligence technology, Minamichita targets more efficient infrastructure management.

The implementation of Qlue technology will also be used by operational vehicles to record the condition of city infrastructures, such as detecting road damage or other disturbances.

Global Market Expansion, Qlue Presents Smart City Solution in Japan

“We believe that this collaboration is the fruit of the combination of the enthusiasm of the city of Minamichita in solving regional problems through public-private cooperation,” said Aichi Prefecture Government’s Startup Promotion Division, Akihiro Mori.

The solution that will be used in this collaboration includes the Qlue application so that people can send their ideas and proposals related to city development.

Meanwhile, QlueDashboard and QlueWork solutions are to realize an efficient and effective infrastructure management model.

Qlue targets to be able to implement solutions in five other cities, specifically Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines as the main targets for Qlue’s expansion. This is in line with the company’s target to maintain growth of 70 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Announce New Funding, Ready to Increase Company Scalability

Previously, Qlue had just announced the success of obtaining the latest funding from investors. This time, the company received series B funding from KOIF III of Global Brain.

The Series B1 funding is also supported by other investors, such as ASLI RI and Telkomsel Mitra Innovation.

According to Qlue’s Founder and CEO, Rama Aditya, Qlue’s success in closing the first round of series B funding shows the potential for the smart city business is very prospective.

In addition, with the inclusion of this funding, Qlue’s measurability are higher to produce sensible town solutions which will have a positive impact on society in coming into the commercial era 4.0 in Indonesia.

Global Market Expansion, Qlue Presents Smart City Solution in Japan

For global market penetration, Rama said, Qlue will aggressively work on the Asian market as the main basis for developing smart city solutions. The main focuses targeted by Qlue are Japan, Philippines and Malaysia.

Meanwhile, for the domestic market, increasing Qlue’s measurability will encourage industrial enlargement into variety of sectors, like health services, industrial estate managers, hotels, property development, to state-owned enterprises.

In addition to the plan, Qlue will also use this investment to improve a variety of artificial intelligence and internet of Things-based solutions. It’s to strengthen the company’s position as the most complete provider for smart city ecosystem in the country.

“Global Brain can proactively utilize its resources to support Qlue in additional enhancing its product and conducive to the event of sensible cities in Republic of Indonesia and geographical region,” Sho Ikeda said.