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Getting to know Saham Rakyat, the E-commerce Concept Stock Trading Application

Getting to know Saham Rakyat, the E-commerce Concept Stock Trading Application

Although the demand continues to grow, services titled investment applications or wealthtech still leave a number of challenges in relation to user penetration.

Getting to know Saham Rakyat, the E-commerce Concept Stock Trading Application

One of them is related to education, including for users among young people. To facilitate the [submission] language to simplify the existing process, the investment application “Saham Rakyat” is here to provide a new option.

Starting as a stock investment education platform, now Saham Rakyat has transformed into a stock shopping platform that adopts a concept similar to e-commerce. Until now, the number of members of the Saham Rakyat community is around 160 thousand people.

“Thus, those who want to invest in shares can preview the desired shares, put them in the basket. If they are sure and have the money, they can directly purchase them on the platform,” said Founder & CEO of Shares Rakyat Kevin Hendrawan to DailySocial.id.

Through PT Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia which already has a permit from the OJK, Saham Rakyat is also supported by Kaesang Pangarep, the son of President Joko Widodo as a Brand Ambassador.

However, the large market interest in investment services has also made competition in this sector even tighter. Currently, there are several similar platforms that can be used to invest in various types of instruments, from Magic, Bareksa, Pluang, PINA, and many more.

Getting to know Saham Rakyat, the E-commerce Concept Stock Trading Application

Targeting The Younger Generation

Similar to the securities business in general, Saham Rakyat focuses on retail investors. The monetization system, they charge 0.15% buy and 0.25% sell.

There are several excellent features that Shares have, including the Buy and Sell feature with the concept of “1-click buy” and “1-click sell”. A shopping cart feature is also available, so users can buy shares like making purchases through e-commerce services.

In addition, the application also has a “Group Chat” directly with financial analysts, so that it can help investors to get the latest information about market developments.

And finally, Saham Rakyat has a Community feature, which can be used as a learning platform for new users to understand more about the world of capital markets.

“Saham Rakyat is the first Stock Shopping application in Indonesia, intended for ordinary investors, our buying and selling process is the simplest using 1 click buy and 1 click sell. This makes it easier for ordinary investors to start investing without the hassle,” said Kevin.

As a stock education platform, Saham Rakyat strives to provide relevant information regarding stocks to its community members.

Thus, it can provide accurate awareness about stock investment and avoid the perception that stock investment can provide more returns and does not have a big risk.

In this case, Saham Rakyat provide an understanding that by investing in stocks, they can provide a better return than deposits. Not a place for them to get rich quick or flood profits.

Getting to know Saham Rakyat, the E-commerce Concept Stock Trading Application

Saham Rakyat Plan in 2022

In 2022, there are several plans that Saham Rakyat want to launch. However, as a platform that focuses only on stock investment, they have plans to launch features that make it easier for users to carry out the process of buying and selling shares on the platform.

This is something that has not been done by many platforms that offer similar services. Saham Rakyat target this year also wants to introduce more stock investment to all corners of the country.

“I feel that after a while the younger generation finally can see that they can do stock investment without spending a lot of money. The pandemic has also helped more people to be interested in investing in stocks online and become stock investors,” said Kevin.

According to the results of a survey conducted on 1500 respondents in the 2021 Fintech Report, investment services such as those offered by Saham Rakyat are now gaining considerable awareness and interest from the public.

According to OJK data, as of December 2021, the number of retail investors for the capital market in Indonesia had reached 7.48 million people, an increase of 92.7% compared to the same period in the previous year. Obviously wealthtech services play a big role here.