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Ternak Uang, an Investment Learning Platform Complete Initial Funding

Ternak Uang, an Investment Learning Platform Complete Initial Funding

After officially launching in early 2021, the investment learning platform Ternak Uang, founded by Timothy Ronald (CMO), Raymond Chin (CEO), and Felicia Tjiasaka (CPO), announced the acquisition of early-stage funding from a number of investors.

Ternak Uang, an Investment Learning Platform Complete Initial Funding

The investment value that has been successfully pocketed is said to have reached 7 digits. This initial funding was provided by Northstar Group Co-founder and Managing Partner Patrick Walujo; supported by venture capital firms Kinesys Group and Alto Partners.

Furthermore, these fresh funds will be used by Ternak Uang to improve the financial literacy of the Indonesian people by focusing on product development.

One of them is by providing an equitable financial and investment learning experience for everyone. Especially at TU Academy, which will continue to be developed to help individual learning processes according to personal needs.

Furthermore, this feature will be supported by the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning. This is realized to provide a learning experience through a personalized learning approach, every user can learn and improve financial literacy regardless of differences in financial conditions.

In the future, the company also has plans to direct product development more into the realm of fintech and financial products. Everyone’s financial condition is different from the others, determined by the amount of expenses and income, dependents, priority financial goals and risk characteristics of different people.

“For that, everyone’s financial strategy certainly needs to be differentiated, to be able to achieve financial independence according to the conditions experienced personally,” said Raymond.

Previously, an investment learning service that focuses on stock and crypto instrument analysis, EMTRADE, also announced pre-start funding from angel investor Pandu Sjahrir.

The presence of this investment education platform is none other than the growing interest in investment among young people, especially supported by the presence of wealthtech applications that facilitate the process of buying/selling various kinds of investment instruments.

Ternak Uang, an Investment Learning Platform Complete Initial Funding

Launch New Features

Earlier this year, Ternak Uang launched the Financial Checkup feature, where each user can analyze their financial condition personally.

The analysis is carried out in detail by calculating the ratio of cash flow, savings, debt and dependents, emergency funds, to total assets owned. After that, users will get module recommendations and personal learning to help improve their financial condition.

Unlike other similar platforms, Ternak Uang focuses on the younger generation, especially millennials, with a mission to create 10 million investors in Indonesia.

For that reason, the platform then takes an approach through features designed and developed that are relevant and modern for the younger generation in dealing with financial issues.

Until now, Ternak Uang has presented topics related to finance and investment in the main language, Indonesian. This is done so that the information provided can be easily understood and digested by Indonesian people from various circles.

Ternak Uang, an Investment Learning Platform Complete Initial Funding

Patrick Walujo’s Investment

This is not the first time Patrick has invested in a technology company. One of them is Bank Jago. In 2019, Patrick and Jerry Ng acquired Artos Bank, which has now been transformed into a digital bank.

In this action, Jerry pocketed 37.65 percent of ARTO’s shares through Metamorphosis Ecosystem Indonesia (MEI), and Patrick Waluyo of 13.35 percent through Wealth Track Technology Limited.

Patrick’s career in investment began when he worked as an investment banker associate at Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the United States in 1997-2000.

In 2009, Patrick was awarded the prestigious Ernst & Young award as Entrepreneur of the Year. He is a member of the International Advisory Council of the Council on Foreign Relations. Patrick graduated from Cornell University majoring in industrial engineering in 1997.

Patrick has a wife named Ayu Patricia Rachmat, who is none other than the son of entrepreneur Theodore Permadi (TP) Rachmat.

TP Rachmat, founder of the Triputra group. Ayu Patricia Rachmat is also no less wandering around in investment matters. He is known to be a shareholder of PT Bali Bintang Sejahtera Tbk (BOLA) with an ownership of 5.08 percent.