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Freshvo.id, Immune Boosting Startup in the Nutrition Ecosystem

Freshvo.id, Immune Boosting Startup in the Nutrition Ecosystem

Freshvo.id is one of the startups that drives “a way for a healthier and better life” and pays attention to the nutritional ecosystem. Freshvo.id can also be accessed on the SOE MSME PaDi platform, Freshvo.id, and Instagram.

The company already has a number of products, including Imun packages, Fresh packages, Healthy packages, fruits, vegetables, proteins, spices. These products aim to support basic needs, help distribute the harvested avocado butter, duku, and mango.

Freshvo.id, Immune Boosting Startup in the Nutrition Ecosystem

Freshvo.id has reached Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, and Jogja. This startup also continues to expand its reach to assist community needs during PPKM.

Indonesia is currently ranked fifth in the world in terms of the largest number of startups. This achievement cannot be separated from the development of startups in Indonesia that are competing to provide solutions to problems faced by society, including in the food sector.

The threat to the immune system during the pandemic is a new problem that must be faced as well as a gap for startup activists to find the right solution.

This solution is what startup Freshvo.id is trying to offer in its service. In the midst of the proliferation of food services in Indonesia, Freshvo.id is present as a driver of the nutritional ecosystem by providing a variety of nutritious foods.

Highlight the Nutrition and Nutritional Value of food

Different from other startups in the food sector, nutrition and nutritional value are the things that this food supplier startup focuses on.

Regina Michel Putri, the CEO said that the presence of Freshvo.id in the midst of the proliferation of food startups today is not to be a competitor but to help fulfill nutrition and to develop an ecosystem that during the pandemic period was somewhat stagnant or underdeveloped.

“Not only taking advantage of the moment to sell, but we also have to be able to share what we do to help the community,” said Regina.

It only took Regina a short time to realize this Freshvo.id service. Freshvo.id ideas and ideas began to be compiled on July 3, 2021 and one week after that Freshvo.id was officially launched on July 9, 2021.

Freshvo.id, Immune Boosting Startup in the Nutrition Ecosystem

Regina acknowledged that the establishment of this startup could not be separated from the role of Ahmad Sugiarto, the Former Strategic Portfolio Director of Telkom Indonesia, who continued to support him in initiating this idea.

“Freshvo.id has a big opportunity because they see an opportunity to move the ecosystem. This startup entrance is also right by prioritizing delivery and prioritizing affordability,” said the man who is familiarly called Anto.

Although it has only been established for less than a month, Freshvo.id has reached seven regions including Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok, Bandung and Jogjakarta.

Open Job Opportunities for Regional Farmers and Victims of Layoffs

By prioritizing the nutrients in the types of food they provide, Freshvo.id is the answer when people are getting interested in foods that provide nutrition and increase their immunity.

Especially during the ongoing pandemic, people are now starting to pay attention to their diet so that their immunity is maintained and they are protected from virus transmission.

Freshvo.id, Immune Boosting Startup in the Nutrition Ecosystem

Not only taking advantage of the momentum for business, Freshvo.id also invites the public to fight the growth of the COVID-19 Virus in Indonesia.

Through its platform, the startup, which has only been established for about a month, also provides opportunities for farmers and victims of layoffs due to the pandemic to earn income.

“In the Nutrition Ecosystem During Pandemic, Freshvo.id does not just stand still but also expands to help other ecosystems,” said Regina Michel Putri, the CEO.

In the program, Freshvo.id divided into three stages where they are currently in stage 1 (Q3 2021). In this stage, it moves to help the community, farmers, layoff victims and provide nutritional improvements for SOEs and their employees.

Freshvo.id provides an opportunity for farmers in the regions to provide fresh vegetables and fruits to consumers directly. Freshvo.id also provides opportunities for layoff victims, most of whom are heads of families, to have new jobs.