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Fintech Lending Investree Distributes IDR 8.3 Trillion in Loans

Fintech Lending Investree Distributes IDR 8.3 Trillion in Loans throughout 2020

Investree facilitated IDR 8.3 trillion of loans by the end of 2020 to SMEs affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This was revealed by the Co-Founder and CEO at Investree, Adrian Gunadi. “The company will never stop providing support finance access to SMEs in the country. As of December last year (2020), the total loan facility provided by Investree is IDR 8.3 trillion,” said Adrian.

Particularly for productive loans, he said, Investree has disbursed financing of IDR 5.7 trillion or an increase of 29 percent compared to 2019. This figure is equivalent to 10.5 percent of the total financing distributed in Indonesia.

Fintech Lending Investree Distributes IDR 8.3 Trillion in Loans

“Currently, the outstanding loan is IDR 835 billion. About 15.6 percent of the total national outstanding loan. Both figures show that Investree is still superior to its competitors,” said Adrian. Investree also maintains excellent loan performance. The company registered TKB90 at 98.5 percent or the same as NPL of 1.5 percent.

“Due to Investree’s solid strategy, which focuses on supply chain financing and risk maintenance, we managed to maintain the TKB90 figure above the national average of 95.22 percent or NPL of 4.8 percent,” said Adrian.

The Company’s Strategy in 2021

In 2021, Investree is preparing several strategies to further contribute to Indonesian SMEs, namely strengthening collaboration with partners in the Investree ecosystem, increasing credit-scoring capabilities, and innovating business processes.

“We really hope that the strategy prepared for 2021 can revive Indonesian SMEs during and after the pandemic,” said Adrian. Investree is expanding its cooperation with new partners such as SIPLah Blibli.com and DealPOS.

Fintech Lending Investree Distributes IDR 8.3 Trillion in Loans

Carrying the #K KembaliTumbuh campaign, Investree provides benefits to new Borrowers from these merchants in the form of easier and faster access to financing through the SIPLah Blibli.com and DealPOS platforms. In addition, the company said that it would increase the portion of Institutional Lenders (Institutional Lenders) to add to the existing ones.

The majority are filled by large banks such as Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Bank Danamon, and Bank Mandiri; international players such as Accial Capital and GMO Payment Gateway; regional banks such as Bank SulutGo and BPR Supra Artapersada; as well as other financial services such as Indosurya Finance and Saison Modern Finance.

Optimistic to Continue Growing during the Pandemic

Seeing the important role of SMEs in Indonesia, Investree as a pioneer of fintech lending which is now developing into an integrated digital business solution for SMEs continues to be committed to supporting Indonesia’s economic growth by becoming a trusted partner for SMEs to access capital.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has a major impact on the Indonesian economy, especially SME players. Therefore, Investree does not remain silent. We have presented many initiatives to support SMEs from the beginning to the end of 2020 and of course, they will continue to be carried out and even developed in 2021,” said Investree Co-Founder & CEO, Adrian Gunadi.

Fintech Lending Investree Distributes IDR 8.3 Trillion in Loans

In more detail, in 2020, Investree has carried out various initiatives that can encourage SMEs to be able to survive and rise during the Covid-19 pandemic, including by pioneering “Beyond Lending” by presenting an innovative feature “Billtree” which helps SMEs get access seamless financing through the provision of an electronic invoice system or e-invoicing.

The “Billtree” feature has so far been used by one of the suppliers in the Investree ecosystem, namely the furniture and interior design company, Fabelio. Investree also focuses on working on ecosystem cooperation to provide safer financing assistance with a supply chain scheme, especially amid the pandemic.

Among others, Mbiz, Pengadaan.com, and other large companies. Investree is also trying to move the wheels of retail sector rotation by working with several partners who are the microfinance ecosystem in providing productive financing assistance.