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FinCrew.my Breaks New Ground as Zurich And Its Users Can Now Renew Their Auto Insurance Online on Its Platform

FinCrew.my Breaks New Ground as Zurich And Its Users Can Now Renew Their Auto Insurance Online on Its Platform

Kuala Lumpur, 23 March 2022- Ever since its inception, FinCrew.my has represented a bastion of safety and security that Malaysians can rely on to protect themselves and their most valued possessions. Arguably the most versatile insurance platform in operation in the country today, this organization has made a name for itself by offering vehicle owners valuable auto coverage packages that help the insured get full value for their money. One of the things that distinguish this insurer from the rest of the pack is the level of focus they pay to user comfort and convenience. As such, they’ve strived to become a nexus point people all over the country can come to for the most suitable coverage for their automobiles.

Until very recently, the above has proven to be a very challenging task, indeed. Among the various elements that contribute to this difficulty is the fact that until just recently, there were only a few limited ways of getting or renewing auto insurance coverage for Malaysian drivers.

Even well into the concluding half of the previous decade, drivers who wanted to renew their vehicle insurance coverage either had to do so through,

Insurance Agents

This process involves prospective insured parties having to set an appointment with an insurance agent, meeting up, and in most cases discussing only the most elementary parts of the insurance policy coverage as many automobile owners rarely know more than the basics of what their policy entails.

The most common alternative to this approach was to renew auto coverage policy via,

Insurance Agencies

Once again, to simply renew an existing policy, most drivers had to visit the physical location of their insurance provider to get this done. In recent times, however, a much better alternative has presented itself. That alternative is the option of policyholders simply renewing existing insurance policies online. Taking the lead here and setting the trend that most other online auto insurance renewal companies follow is none other than FinCrew.my. 

FinCrew.my On Malaysia’s Auto Insurance Platform

As a certified, corporate insurance organization that is established and owned by citizens of the country, FinCrew.my sees and fully understands the lapses that currently exist when it comes to renewing auto insurance in the country. In the past, the process of insurance renewal was regarded as lengthy, complicated, and time and resource-consuming. As the technology evolved, FinCrew.my has been able to properly leverage these advancements to revolutionize auto insurance renewal.

Where once vehicle owners had to take time out to plan a meeting with insurance agents or insurance companies before any binding action could be taken on auto coverage packages, FinCrew.my has been able to successfully streamline this process.

Now, users can clear matters up with coverage policies and even do a lot more with ease and in less time now. More than just creating a better, more comfortable, and more reliable way of renewing auto insurance policies for the insured all over the country, FinCrew.my also offers quality incentives that can be leveraged to increase the value vehicle owners get out of their insurance.

Drivers who want to soak in as much knowledge as they can before renewing their policy can read through several helpful articles provided by FinCrew.my. They can also use the FinCrew.my comparison tool before delving into the plethora of bonuses and discounts this organization offers. 

Benefits Of Renewing Auto Insurance Via Fincrew Platform

Compelled frequently by an unflinching drive to propel auto insurance renewal into the future in the country, FinCrew.my has officially partnered with Zurich and all its users in Malaysia. The underlying implication of this is that both FinCrew.my and Zurich users now have multiple viable and desirable options to choose from by the time they’re ready to renew their policy next. This combination of two titans in the field of auto insurance means that drivers are offered an increased amount of freedom and flexibility on any policy package that they end up opting for.

Working hand in hand with Zurich Takaful in Malaysia, FinCrew.my helps any driver looking to renew their auto insurance do so with minimum delay and waste of resources.

Giving his input on this development, Nick Lai, one of the co-founders of FinCrew.my had this to say, “Simplifying the insurance process is the primary driving force of this organization. It stands to reason that when auto insurance doesn’t loom so greatly over vehicle owners in the country, it’ll be easier for users to find the best policies for themselves. Partnering with Zurich and its users is a big step towards accomplishing this goal as it’ll redefine auto insurance in Malaysia as we know it .”

Some significant advantages of this partnership to drivers within the country include but aren’t limited to: 

Swift and Secure Service

Now, FinCrew.my users, Zurich subscribers, and even drivers that seek to switch to better insurance providers have the option of instant and secure services. With this partnership in place, all interested parties need to do is access the website from any Internet-enabled device and sort through all the needed policy documents under safe and reliable conditions. 

Cheaper Premium Rates

The new partnership with Zurich Takaful means that drivers will be getting cheaper rates whenever they want to renew their insurance online using either of these channels. With this, it becomes easier for the insured to get a better ROI (return on investment) on the policy packages they take out in their vehicles. 

Easier Claiming Process

Not only are drivers now able to renew their insurance policies online, with this new partnership, but it is also more comfortable as well. This is because insured parties will be able to file claims for payout online with ease as well. This dramatically streamlines the process for drivers as it’s considerably more time-efficient.

FinCrew.my continues to add value to the lives of drivers in Malaysia, making insurance and driving more accessible.

FinCrew.my Breaks New Ground as Zurich And Its Users Can Now Renew Their Auto Insurance Online on Its Platform
FinCrew.my Breaks New Ground as Zurich And Its Users Can Now Renew Their Auto Insurance Online on Its Platform