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Easy Ways to Create a Relaxing Office Space on a Budget

Easy Ways to Create a Relaxing Office Space on a Budget

Many have recognized that creating a relaxing office space is on demand nowadays. When the traditional workplace designs are basically stressful and demanding, modern offices today begin to turn the table by applying ideas that make a workspace peace and calm. That’s the idea behind Zen workspaces.

Zen is basically a Buddhist philosophy which focuses on meditation, tranquility, and intuition. More and more companies are using Zen principles to bring harmony to their employees’ working experience. As a result, employees can show more creativity, better collaboration and communication, and less pressure in the workspace.

When it seems to be a very helpful concept to apply, budgets are somehow the problem. It’s no secret that updating the design of an office has never been a cheap option. But the good news is that there are some simple ways to create a relaxing office space without breaking the bank.

Economical Ways to Create Calmer and Happier Workspace

Dedicating a room in your office for active rejuvenation can be a good idea. If the budget is the problem, you can spare a small area in your workplace and set a headphone which plays meditation music for the employees. For the other good ideas, check these out!

  • Motivate with inspirational prints

Don’t underestimate the power of words. A repeated phrase or word can help in meditation practice. You can use this concept to add some inspirational prints around your workplace. Choose phrases and images which promote calm, tranquility, and peace to remind employees to practice mindfulness when working.

  • Bring the outdoor indoor

Bring the natural world inside your room to create such a relaxing office space. Living walls are one of the best ways to extend beautiful outdoor areas into your office. They typically don’t take too much budget too. Plus, the plants can add a statement piece in your office decoration.

  • Add an office water feature

Who says you cannot add a water feature inside your office? To create a soothing space for employees to work, consider installing a two-story water feature in your office. If this idea is too much for your budget, simply get a mini desk waterfall on the market.

Top Companies That Have a Relaxing Office Space

If you’re wondering which companies that have applied these ideas, there are some good examples to mention. Apple is one of the companies that has a meditation room in their offices. Every employee is allowed to take a break at work to use the room.

Besides, there is also Prentice Hall Publishing which has “Quiet Room” in their office. This room is used by employees to have a break and get into meditation. Nike is another company that owns relaxation rooms in their office. The employees can use this room to pray and even take a nap.

In conclusion, working in an office can be stressful sometimes. That’s why dedicating particular space for the employees to take a break and meditate can be a great idea to keep them productive. You can also use some Zen décor ideas to create a relaxing office space on a budget.