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An Artificial Intelligence Startup, Proof of the advanced of Technology

An Artificial Intelligence Startup, Proof of the advanced of Technology

Artificial intelligence or AI was really growing massively, and An artificial intelligence startup would be the proof of it. In this modern era, no wonder that startups also became a future business that could compete in this highly competitive era. As the name, startups are applying the newest system for their company through advanced technology.

An artificial intelligence startup is different from a conventional company. it was more familiar with technology and most of them are applying AI for their system. It offered services ranging start from automated data collection comes from unstructured source to the real-time data synthesis and analysis. Here are three top AI startups in the world.

SenseTime, Beijing Origin AI Startup

SenseTime is An artificial intelligence startup based in Beijing. It was found in 2014. This company provide any service that could make human lives easier and way more efficient. They provided vehicle, financial service, and the best product of them is related to face and image recognition with the advanced AI technology.

The implementation of AI in this startup could be applied to picture and payment analysis that’s useful on bank card security and verification system. And this system has become the best from them. It has already provided to over 300 companies in China, and its face recognition has an error rate below 1 in 100.000.

Kreditech, Financial AI Company in Germany

Kreditech is An artificial intelligence startup based in Germany and was found in 2012. The purpose of this company is clear, which is to improve the financial freedom for the underbanked using advanced technology. To make it comes true, Kreditech implements the AI in their system by combining traditional data sources and machine learning ability.

That combination is aimed to provide access for the customer to better credit and also higher convenience in digital banking services. Like conventional banks, Kreditech tries to offer a digital wallet, consumer loans, and a personal finance manager. It is useful to help customer managing their credit store and planning their spending. Sounds cool, right?

Autonomous Vehicle by Argo AI From USA

Another USA based AI startup is Argo AI. As An artificial intelligence startup, Argo AI was definitely tackled one of the most challenging apps in computer science, which are robotics and AI with their self-driving vehicles. It’s a kind of new innovation of AI. They aren’t only using it but they improve it too.

Argo AI was trying to develop and deploy the latest advancements in AI, computer vision and machine learning to build efficient and safer self-driving vehicles. This enables the new transformation of their vehicles. It was so great knowing this discovery. No wonder that Agro AI became top 3 best startups in the world.

Most of the company in this world today are using AI in every system the had, not limited to startups. Means that AI really played a significant impact in the industrial sector and startups. This powerful tool was too good to be true. An artificial intelligence startup won’t be enough as proof.