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East Ventures Returns to Lead Series A Funding for Logistics SaaS Startup McEasy

East Ventures Returns to Lead Series A Funding for Logistics SaaS Startup McEasy

SaaS startup for logistics and vehicle tracking operator McEasy announced a $6.5 million series A funding round led by East Ventures, the previous investor that led the early-stage round in September 2021.

East Ventures Returns to Lead Series A Funding for Logistics SaaS Startup McEasy

The company will use the fresh funds to improve technology innovation, develop products that provide added value for consumers (product-market fit) and increase existence in second- and third-tier cities.

In an official statement delivered today (5/7), McEasy Co-founder Raymond Sutjiono said, more than 85% of businesses in the transportation and supply chain sectors rely on paper and pen to run their operations.

The low awareness among small and medium business owners about technology to improve logistics efficiency, indicates that many business owners still persist with manual processes that are definitely time-consuming.

He continued, overcoming everyday challenges, including managing drivers and their expenses, managing fuel consumption, and optimizing routes, can take up to twice as long.

“Therefore, we have allocated this funding to develop technology to help business owners improve efficiency. The use of technology can increase shipping efficiency and save up to 30% operational costs,” said Raymond.

McEasy Co-founder Hendrik Ekowaluyo also added, “East Ventures is an investor who realizes McEasy’s potential to have a positive impact on Indonesia’s supply chain ecosystem.”

“In addition to serving large companies, we also focus on providing technology support to SME partners. They are the backbone of our economy, and the potential of this sector is truly limitless – around 900,000 units and more than five million units of commercial transport cars,” he said.

East Ventures Returns to Lead Series A Funding for Logistics SaaS Startup McEasy

McEasy’s Achievements

The startup that was started in 2017 claims to have grown more than 12x over the last 18 months. The company is now a reliable transportation and supply chain solution for more than 200 companies, including Cleo Pure Water, KMDI Logistics, MGM Bosco Logistics, Rosalia Indah, and Tanto Intim Line.

The solutions developed by the company are useful for logistics service providers, including passenger buses, freight forwarding services, to refrigerated vehicles for the delivery of commodities with certain temperatures such as pharmaceuticals, meat, seafood, dairy products, and frozen foods.

McEasy has three main pillars to solve challenges in this sector: 1) Mobility Softwareas-a-Service to digitize vehicles and enable real-time tracking; 2) Vertical solutions to improve the efficiency and business processes of its partners; and 3) Open-API Ecosystem to integrate transportation sector and supply chain actors.

East Ventures Returns to Lead Series A Funding for Logistics SaaS Startup McEasy

McEasy’s Featured Products

McEasy’s flagship product is the Vehicle Smart Management System (a digital smart tracking solution to assist logistics operations and real-time tracking of vehicle location).

In addition, Transportation Management System (integrated software to plan, implement, monitor, and optimize logistics processes, enabling the entire logistics process to be more efficient) and Smart Driver Apps.

McEasy provides a platform to help drivers drive safely. This feature helps motorists follow traffic rules, so they can avoid electronic tickets (e-tickets) on toll roads.

The feature, called Driving Behavior, provides parameters for above-average speed, below-average speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and zig-zag motion of the vehicle.

“This feature is able to monitor driving behavior,” said McEasy Co-founder Hendrik Ekowaluyo, in a press release, Thursday (21/4). This feature will conclude the data and present it in the form of a scorecard driver. “This is so that every driver is encouraged to drive safely, well and according to regulations,” said Hendrik.

McEasy recorded positive growth in the post-pandemic era. They synergize the best of two fields – logistics and technology – to expand their offerings, strengthen their presence nationally, and at the same time maintain profitability.

McEasy invests in technology massively to ensure the implementation of the best digital solutions for transportation & supply chain actors.

“We are delighted to be a part of every McEasy success. We are confident that they will continue to have a real impact on society,” said Willson Weather, Co-founder & Managing Partner of East Ventures.

The company targets to integrate at least one million four-wheeled vehicles into the McEasy digital ecosystem by 2025.