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Discover What It’s Like to Have a Pixar Office Tour

Discover What It’s Like to Have a Pixar Office Tour

Who doesn’t want to take a Pixar office tour and witness the workplace behind many popular animation movies out there? It’s no secret that Pixar’s offices are among the best workspace to work around the world. Along with Google, Pixar office has been used as a reference for many business leaders.

Pixar has released a lot of popular animation movies including Toy Story and Inside Out. If you are a Pixar fan, you must know other movies from this animation studio. Not only is a standout as an animation company, but Pixar is also perceived as the most innovative storytelling group.

Aside from the popularity of its movie products, the design of Pixar headquarters has become a great issue. Redesigned by Steve Jobs once he led the company many years ago, the office is now becoming one of the best examples for a modern workplace. But, how does Pixar office tour look like?

The Pixar Headquarters was built in Emeryville, California, across the San Francisco bay. The office is designed to encourage collaboration and innovation. After getting redesigned by Steve Jobs in the late 1990s, the building remains unchanged. Read on to figure out what it’s like to visit Pixar Animation Studios.

What’s Around Pixar Headquarters?

Before exploring what inside the studio is, let’s learn more about what is outside. Pixar Animation Studios is situated just outside of Oakland in Emeryville, California. As you drive to the studio, it’s not impossible to wonder how such an awesome animation company can be located close to poverty-stricken.

But, as you continue the Pixar office tour, you will find out that the environment changes as you come closer. Emeryville is a fascinating neighborhood. If you have watched Pixar’s film like Monster’s Inc. and others, you will see many reflections of this area within the story.

Once you pass the gate, you can park in the open lot. From there, you will realize that the campus is charming. There is a soccer field an amphitheater which is usually used to hold an event. If you walk past the core building, you will find a full basketball court.

Behind the basketball court, there are some sand volleyball courts. If you have the luxury to take a Pixar office tour yourself, you can also see a nice grill area around the building. You can even find a fitness center and a lap pool here.

What’s Inside Pixar Headquarters?

When we are talking about the inside of Pixar headquarters, the main Pixar Animation Studios building must be mentioned. The building is called The Steve Jobs Building and becomes the core of the headquarters. This building was previously called “main” until it got some refreshment and redesigns.

Redesigned by Steve Jobs, the building was originally housed computer scientists, animators, as well as executives and editors in three different areas. Jobs realized that dividing these groups with their approach and culture isn’t effective since it can discourage them from sharing solutions and ideas.

For this reason, Jobs design an open office where each team can meet others more frequently. Thus, when you take a Pixar office tour nowadays, you will see the building is designed to promote creativity and collaboration. Jobs accomplishes the goal by designing a lot of common areas.

The inside of this building is quite fascinating since everything was set up carefully. You can find an art gallery. There are creative offices, development offices, animation office, and story department behind locked security doors. Indeed, most of the offices aren’t open for public guests.

What to Learn from Pixar Office Designs

If you are designing a workspace and need some ideas, Pixar office designs can be a great source of inspirations. There are a lot of things to learn from this company’s workspaces. But the idea of creating an office which encourages collaboration and creation must be pinned.

Once you have a Pixar office tour, you will see the Atrium, a big central space found after entering the building. This open space is designed with an expectation that all employees and guests can naturally mingle here. The design replicates our brain with technical offices on the left and creative offices on the right.

This common space is amazing. You can find a lot of facilities offered here. There are cafes, staff mailroom, gym facilities, table football, and a cinema. It can be a great break room or recreational space for employees. As we know, a well-designed break room can make employees increase productivity.

You shouldn’t miss the detail too. The design and detail are timeless. The materials and colors employed in the office are well chosen as well. That’s why you will get amazed when taking a Pixar office tour. The office is adorned by a natural color scheme, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

How to Get a Tour of Pixar Headquarters

Unfortunately, this is an animation studio which is not open for the public. You can’t pay any studio tour to visit Pixar headquarters as well. The only way to have an exclusive tour to Pixar headquarters is by knowing someone who works there or having personal connections.

It is also possible to get a tour by participating in a charity event or winning a contest which is held by Pixar Animation Studios. Indeed, you will be able to get a Pixar office tour if you are working there. If not, you should find someone connected to Pixar.

You may be allowed to visit the studio during a family and friends day. On this day, employees are typically allowed to invite someone to tour the facility. You can also find a charity event at Pixar to get a chance buying tour ticket and visiting the studio.

In conclusion, Pixar Animation Studios has one of the best workspaces. The company offers a huge common space with many facilities which keep employees happy and productive. But, it is quite difficult to have a tour of the studio. Hopefully, this article can let you know how it feels to take a Pixar office tour.