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Deall SejutaCita’s Ambitions to Help the Best Talent Curation Company

Deall SejutaCita’s Ambitions to Help the Best Talent Curation Company

“Hiring today sucks” is a sentence uttered by Andhika Sudarman, a graduate at Harvard Law School, who is also the first Indonesian representative in history to be selected to give a speech at the graduation ceremony at the prestigious university.

Deall SejutaCita’s Ambitions to Help the Best Talent Curation Company

Data from BPS shows that out of a total of 206.71 million working-age population, there are more than 21 million people or around 10% who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The impacts are varied, some are still workers with reduced working hours, some are temporarily laid off, and even worse, some have lost their jobs permanently.

While many people are having a hard time finding work in the midst of a pandemic. Kemendikbudristek revealed as many as 1.7 million undergraduate students graduate every year. This is increasingly becoming a burden for new graduates who have to face the challenges of finding work in the midst of a pandemic.

“As a graduate in the pandemic era, I can fully feel the pain points, especially in terms of new talents who are confused about where to start, what kind of company is right, and other worries,” said Andhika.

In addition, he also saw that from the company side, it was also difficult to find the right talent. “Companies open one job vacancy, then hundreds of people apply. Of that figure, maybe only 1% have the appropriate qualifications,” he said.

Deall SejutaCita’s Ambitions to Help the Best Talent Curation Company

Platforms Developed to Be Solutions

Starting from experience and market learning, Andhika then developed a platform that is expected to be a solution for talented young talents in Indonesia as well as companies that are recruiting.

Deall SejutaCita offers services that can help companies recruit the top 1% of talent. Deall SejutaCita offers two main features, namely post jobs, in this case, companies will only see the best talent that has been curated on the platform.

Second, talent search is like social media for job seekers that has been curated. To date, there are more than 2.5 million talents registered on this platform.

From this amount, it will be curated and classified into four categories, namely 1%, 5%, 10%, and 25%. Talents beyond 25% can still take part in various development programs available and can be followed through the platform.

Apart from offering curated recruitment services, the team also helps with corporate branding, such as organizing events and campaigns, including webinars, workshops, competitions and CSR events. Currently the Deall SejutaCita platform is in development and will soon launch their latest application design.

Deall SejutaCita’s Ambitions to Help the Best Talent Curation Company

Had Pivot

Starting operations in December 2020, Deall SejutaCita (formerly SejutaCita) started the business as a talent development platform. This service aims to democratize information on youth events ranging from webinars, competitions, classes, conferences, scholarships, internships, and more.

The hope is that young people can find more opportunities to build a CV and develop themselves through this application.

“When I was a student, I had the determination to succeed, but was confused about how to start. Also confused and feeling lost about the purpose of life, what I wanted to be. That’s why the SejutaCita community was created, so that friends can get information and opportunities to build themselves, build a CV, and get a good job later,” said Andhika.

As the business grows, the company develops services into a job seeker platform. Andhika also revealed that the solution they offer is B2B.

Deall SejutaCita is currently focusing on targeting companies that want to find the best talent to work for their company.

Even so, the company is not simply putting aside their talent development features. There are various training programs (recordings) made by mentors who have collaborated with Deall SejutaCita.

There are already 4 regular mentors from well-known companies such as McKinsey, Google and L’oreal to share experiences and guidance in the job search process.