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Creating Co-Working Space? Understand these Important Modals!

Creating Co-Working Space? Understand these Important Modals!

Today the co-working space field is increasingly in demand by young people. Officers who already work in a company also take this field because it is promising. Even now many young people carry out their intentions of having their businesses, such as a start-up company.

Young people belonging to the generation of millennials. They need a place that allows them to work on their work at the same time as well as being able to add relationships to establish cooperation with other parties. One container that can be used is the co-working area.

Creating Co-Working Space? Understand these Important Modals!

The Important of Understanding the Modal before Creating Co-Working Area

There are important ways you need to know before building a co-working area. One of which is modal. Knowing modal will help you to be able to build a co-working area well. Besides, it will help you to get a co-working area that is comfortable, interesting, and fun.

This is because, many co-working area businesses are on the market, but do not know clearly what needs to be built to make a co-working area. Thus, if you want to know more about how to create the best co-work, make sure to understand the modal first.

Creating Co-Working Space? Understand these Important Modals!

The Important Modal You Should Know before Creating a Co-Working Area

There are several important models you have to understand when creating a co-working area. When you create a co-working area based on the modal analysis, you can easily create the best and interesting a co-working area. That is why you need to understand modal and cost.

1. Rental Cost

A co-working area is synonymous with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere especially for getting comfortable and motivating place. You don’t have to rent an office, but try to rent housing that is far from noise. It will help you to create an amazing co-working area.

2. Garden Development Costs

Comfortable a co-working area is a large space with glass walls so that we can see the outside environment. If you want to co-work, be sure to make a garden. So, this will make your visitors feel and comfortable. Besides, you can get an attractive one.

Creating Co-Working Space? Understand these Important Modals!

3. Renovation Cost

This third point is optional. If you feel you need to renovate and repaint a co-working area, it can be done. But if not, just laying it out is enough as long as it’s neat and pleasing to the eye. You will need around USD 500.

4. Chair and Table Cost

You can buy a long table that can be used in rollicking. You also need to design a varied co-working area space. So it’s not just a long table, but also a circular table. The circular table with chairs is IDR 4 million.

Of course, you don’t only need a set of table chairs. So that your rental fees are not in vain, maximize every available space for rent. For that, we need more tables and chairs. When you do it, you need around IDR 15 million for the cost.

5. Other Properties

Besides tables and chairs, you need other properties to make your a co-working area look more attractive. Tools become important points in starting a business in a co-working area space. With unique tools, of course, make tenants comfortable. Unique tools also make the mind fresher. 

6. Internet Connection or WiFi

A fast wifi network is the main target of someone choosing to rent a co-working area space. The cost of wifi is different depending on what package you choose. To install wifi, you need an installation fee of IDR 200 thousand with a monthly fee of approximately IDR 3 million.

7. Other Costs

There are some needs that you still have to buy, such as wiring, cleaning costs, first-month electricity costs, first-month water costs, and so forth. at other costs, this is budgeted only 3 million. From the above capital calculation simulation, at least you need a fee of 45.2 million.

There are several costs you need to understand and know before you want to create the best and amazing co-working area. This cost will help you to maintain and give you a clear understanding relating to the cost estimation. Thus, make sure you understand modal first before making co-working space.