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Cloud Comrade partners with New Relic to bring industry-leading full-stack observability to customers across Southeast Asia

Cloud Comrade partners with New Relic to bring industry-leading full-stack observability to customers across Southeast Asia

With this partnership, Cloud Comrade’s customers will reap the benefits of New Relic’s unified data platform, including improved uptime, operational efficiency, and greater innovation and growth.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 27 April 2022 – Cloud Comrade, a Singapore-based cloud computing consultancy and managed services provider (MSP), has partnered with New Relic to bring its cloud-based observability platform, New Relic, to customers across the Southeast Asian region.

Cloud Comrade partners with New Relic to bring industry-leading full-stack observability to customers across Southeast Asia

With New Relic, customers will gain access to Full-Stack Observability through a unified data platform that covers every stage of the software lifecycle, eliminating tool sprawl and data silos. Engineers will be able to easily access all telemetry data – metrics, events, logs and traces – on the unified data layer, complete with powerful full stack analysis tools to help them move past the “what” to uncover the “why”. With New Relic, they will be able to improve planning cycle times, decrease change failure rates, accelerate release frequency, and reduce mean time to resolution.

The solution is delivered through a usage-based pricing model, enabling companies to maximize value from their data. Customers will get to enjoy cost and time savings, with the usage-based consumption pricing that’s intuitive, predictable, and delivers more value for the money over the old subscription-based pricing model.

Unleash the full power of cloud for Cloud Comrade customers

As an existing user of New Relic itself, Cloud Comrade is excited to partner with New Relic to bring the same exceptional experience to organizations across Southeast Asia.

As one of the leading born-in-the-cloud Managed Services Providers, Cloud Comrade has served more than 500 customers in the ASEAN region in the past eight years. It is the first Singapore-headquartered AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and also holds Google Premier Partnership and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partnership. Cloud Comrade’s customers range from small and medium enterprises to large multinationals that are in almost every industry. In recent years, it has rapidly expanded into financial services to serve FinTechs, insurance companies and banks.

Hence, when Cloud Comrade outgrew its previous cloud-monitoring solution, the company started looking for a new, modern offering that could support its multi-cloud customers with stringent security and compliance requirements. Over the course of six months, Cloud Comrade conducted a thorough evaluation of modern observability solutions from various vendors that could help it to rapidly scale well into the future, choosing to partner with New Relic.

The experience with the New Relic platform has been positive thus far, and New Relic has helped to reduce the complexity for Cloud Comrade’s managed services engineers, enabling the company to serve customers better and deliver value by reducing incident response time up to 20%. Besides being cost-effective, New Relic also provided Cloud Comrade with new service options that widened their managed services portfolio, such as Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and log management.

“Observability of cloud workloads is one of Cloud Comrade’s key service areas, and with that, New Relic sits at the center of our core business. We were extremely satisfied with New Relic, who acutely understood our needs, our growth stage, and treated us as a partner rather than a customer. Cloud Comrade believes that our customers will benefit immensely from New Relic’s industry-leading observability service, in particular, those in the finance sector that run compliance-heavy applications and face stringent regulations. Leveraging New Relic, we are now poised to offer a wider set of capabilities, reduce false positives more effectively, and make better recommendations for workload optimization for our customers.”, says Andy Waroma, Co-managing Director, Cloud Comrade.

Commenting on the partnership, Stewart Cochrane, Senior Director, Alliances & Channels APJ at New Relic, says, “2022 is the “year of the partner” at New Relic, and it is exciting to have Cloud Comrade join our Partner Program. As one of Southeast Asia’s leading born-in-the-cloud Managed Services Providers, they will provide our mutual customers with New Relic’s Observability Platform, combined with the expertise and specialized services of the Cloud Comrade organization.”