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Bumoon.io Collaborates with Two Startups to Manage the Waste Crisis

Bumoon.io Collaborates with Two Startups to Manage the Waste Crisis

Bumoon.io has a business model concept in the form of development that combines donations and investments by offering more value in terms of economic income to participants through revenue from projects focused on environmental concepts in real life. 

In the last two decades, business people have become aware of implementing practices that support environmental sustainability. 

Bumoon.io Collaborates with Two Startups to Manage the Waste Crisis

Companies are starting to try to carry out production activities that not only bring financial benefits but are also environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on social activities. 

The issue of Global Warming has become the biggest homework for the Indonesian government. Right now, the government needs the cost to contribute to reducing CO2 or climate change is very high. Now the investment required to be able to reduce CO2 reaches US$ 364 billion. 

Currently, all countries are committing to reduce CO2, because the world is already warming. In fact, according to Sri Mulyani, almost all countries in the world experience this phenomenon. 

Created and Developed by Indonesian Developers 

Happy Murdianto, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Bumoon.io stated that BUMooN was created and developed by Indonesian developers. 

They have made a new breakthrough in the crypto world with a very simple idea but right on target according to the current global warming pain point. 

BUMooN business model “donvestment” is expected to create a new trend in line with the goal of the UNFCCC as a framework for countries in the world in an effort to improve environmental health today, namely reducing or reducing carbon emissions. 

Bumoon.io Collaborates with Two Startups to Manage the Waste Crisis

Bumoon develops Energy as a Service and Software as a Service as middleware. As a legal company that provides services or mediators in calculating the energy saved by the business being built. 

Such as solar panels, electricity conversion, waste recycling and carbon trading. Not only that, Bumoon.io – eco-living token, where a crypto token created by the Indonesian nation, made a new breakthrough in the crypto world, with a very simple idea. 

Namely by utilizing natural resources / renewable energy. The mission of lowering the earth’s temperature is the concentration of the Start-up Company Bumoon.io. 

One of the ways that companies engaged in IoT, blockchain and AI technology are synergizing with a number of strategic partners. This collaboration aims to solve the waste crisis as well as to manage environmental sustainability. 

Collaborating with Sampangan and Wastelab 

Bumoon.io’s partners are Sampangan and Wastelab. These two startup companies are known for their invention of carbonization technology that turns waste into high-value and sustainable organic fertilizer products. 

Founder of Bumoon, Triyansyah Putra or Ryan, said that in this partnership, Bumoon plays a role in spreading the waste management network managed by Sampangan and Wastelab. 

Sampangan Co-Founder Muhammad Fauzal Rizki welcomed this collaboration. He explained that Sampangan has a Magic Box that can manage all kinds of waste. 

This, said Fauzal, the warehouse that will be managed with Bumoon can be more effective in terms of waste processing. 

Bumoon.io Collaborates with Two Startups to Manage the Waste Crisis

“Not only managing waste, the Magic Box that we created can also process various types of waste into many derivative products, such as bio-disinfectants, bio-catalysts, and activated carbon,” said Fauzal. 

The Co-Founder of Wastelab, Salvira Milano Zen, said the same thing. He said that Wastelab would contribute to the sorting and processing of plastic waste

Wastelab, said Salvira, is focused on managing plastic waste in collaboration with a number of waste banks and local communities. 

“In 2021 alone, we are targeting the management of 100 tons of plastic waste. We are intensively expanding the market and distribution channels starting with waste banks and local communities. So, we really welcome this collaboration with Bumoon, because the market is getting wider,” said Salvira. 

With this collaboration, Bumoon hopes that the warehouse managed with its partners can spread throughout Indonesia. That way, the mission to reduce the earth’s temperature can be realized more quickly.