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Bukalapak Releases BMoney Application to Facilitate Investment Access

Bukalapak Releases BMoney Application to Facilitate Investment Access

Bukalapak through its subsidiary, Buka Investasi Bersama, has just announced a collaboration with Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia. Through this collaboration, the two launched a new investment application called BMoney.

Through the BMoney application, users will get many conveniences, such as being able to invest starting from IDR 1,000, an easy registration process, and no transaction fees. In addition, the safety factor is also a priority for Open Investments Together and Ashmore.

According to the CEO of Buka Investasi Bersama and the President of Bukalapak, Teddy Oetomo, BMoney is also a manifestation of Bukalapak’s commitment to realizing the mission of ‘fair economy for all’.

For this reason, his party continues to strive to build and expand equal access to investment that is accessible to the entire community through technology.

The collaboration between Bukalapak and Ashmore through BIB in the BMoney application is the realization of a strategic partnership.

“This is an amalgamation of technology infrastructure as one of Bukalapak’s key strengths, as well as Ashmore’s ability and experience as one of the largest investment managers in Indonesia,” said Teddy in an official statement received on Sunday (27/6/2021).

Furthermore, Teddy said, with the Open Joint Investment from Bukalapak, which has obtained an APERD permit and is registered with the OJK, the fulfillment of compliance carried out by this service is also very good. In addition, its operations are also fully monitored by OJK on an ongoing basis.

Ashmore’s President Director, Ronaldus Gandahusada, also said that with the launch of BMoney, his party hopes that this is the first step in making Indonesia’s finances more inclusive. Moreover, this application is equipped with various popular investment products and easy-to-use features.

With all the features and conveniences offered, BMoney targets to invite 500 thousand users in the first year. Currently, the BMoney application itself can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

Bukalapak Cooperates with Itemku to Expand Access to Video Games throughout Indonesia

Previously, Bukalapak had just announced a collaboration with Itemku. Through this collaboration, the two companies want to make video games more accessible to everyone in Indonesia.

This collaboration is also inseparable from the increased activity of playing games during the pandemic. This then also affects the increase in the game industry in the last year.

IDC analysts expect there will be a 20 percent increase in global video game revenue in 2020, to a value of $179.7 billion. Additionally, the NPD study found the amount of money spent playing games increased by 76 percent in 2020.

Bukalapak Releases BMoney Application to Facilitate Investment Access

Based on these data and results, Bukalapak also considers the need for video games to be increasingly important. Therefore, together with Itemku, Bukalapak wants to bring a closer video game experience.

“I hope that with our shared strength, we can help catalyze the need for digital gaming in Indonesia, and make video games more accessible to people throughout Indonesia,” said Bukalapak COO Willix Halim in an official statement, Tuesday (11/5/2021).

Bukalapak and Itemku Collaboration Form

Through this collaboration, Itemku CEO Denis Kim said that his party wanted to make a big impact for hundreds of millions of Indonesians, just like Bukalapak did. And hopefully, this collaboration can bring development in the video game industry.

The collaboration between Bukalapak and Itemku will cover several things. One of them is doing team synergy, so that Bukalapak and Itemku work together as a team.

Bukalapak Releases BMoney Application to Facilitate Investment Access

Then, Itemku products will also be widely distributed through the Bukalapak network, including in rural areas. The two of them will develop a number of new product types jointly.

Only about a week after announcing its partnership with Itemku, Bukalapak is now known to have acquired the game’s e-commerce startup. The news of this corporate action from Bukalapak was first reported by DailySocial and has been confirmed by Itemku.